Top 6 Best Domain Registration Companies

Choosing a domain registration company is a critical issue when starting a website. . With the many domain registration companies which one do you choose. Many people have faced serious issues such as loss of a great domain name due to lack of knowledge when it comes to choosing a good domain name.

To help you choose the best company some of the things you should put in mind include:

· Ease of transfer to another domain registrar

· Ease of registration

· Easy domain management

· Features offered and the cost

· Great customer service

With that in mind below are the top six domain registration companies worldwide


Ipage offers affordable hosting that includes a host of features one might ever need to set up and run a successful full featured website including a security suite, website builder tools, blog and photo gallery, online store among others. They promise a free domain name for life, green hosting, Google adwords etc


This is another domain registration company that offers affordable domain names with numerous features. You get DNS management, email forwarding, URL forwarding, and transfer locking capabilities. WHOIS privacy costs $7.99 a year


Founded in 2002, hostgator is known to be among the top domain registration companies in the world with more than 12, 000 servers under their management. There are different plans to choose from to suit each user’s needs. In addition the company offers a host of features including eco friendly web hosting, free website builder and site building tools, hostgator Linux web hosting plans etc


Blue host has been providing reliable hosting since 1996 and is known to have the best customer service around. Blue host offers unlimited hosting space and advanced features such as python, SSH support etc. You get a free domain for one year and many other freebies such as forum install, free blog etc for only $4. 95 per Month.The Company’s goal is to offer outstanding services to both their individual and business owners’ clients.


Though not the cheapest web domain registration company around, hover offers some amazing discount codes, great customer support, and easy domain migration to make up for their costs. You get unlimited domain forwarding, powerful domain editing, advanced DNS management, bulk management tools, free WHois privacy, not to mention their unmatched customer service


As the name implies namecheap offers the most affordable domain registration company in business. The company has a great reputation online given their great customer service, and awesome features including free URL forwarding and email, WHois privacy, and optional SSL certificates and Dynamic DNS at an extra cost. The company normally discounts their domains for the first years after registration. Namecheap has a user friendly interface and is very easy to sign up for.

The type of company you choose will be determined by your personal preference and the features you want. The above six domain registration companies are rated among the best by various users who have used them. For more information and features, you can visit each individual site to check out the discounts and the features offered before making your final decision.


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