10 Best Places to Receive Plastic Surgery Worldwide

With the increased popularity of cosmetic surgery, it's not just the elite or wealthy who are going under the knife. Regular every day people, are now getting plastic surgery with 90% of women seeking out procedures. The goal of the surgery is to alter or remove any blemishes or imperfections from the body. Face lifts and other alterations can cost thousands of dollars depending on the procedure. Globally, plastic surgery is readily available within clinics in major cities. According to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, these are the countries that offer the best cosmetic surgery options:

1. South Korea
This country boasts the number one spot as the country with the largest plastic surgery center worldwide. One out of five women received some type of cosmetic alteration. Blepharoplasty or double eyelid surgery, tops the list of the most common procedure performed. Among other procedures rhinoplasty and liposuction follow close behind.

2. Greece

The second largest country for plastic surgery, Greece is popular because of its cheap procedures using advanced technology. The most common surgery Grecians clamor for are breast augmentation. Penis enlargement is a favorite for men with ten times more of this procedure performed than any other country across the globe.

3. Italy
Italians can be proud of their surgeons for keeping them looking so young with Botox injections. Injectable fillers are used to fill wrinkles and circles in the face. Over 800,000 Italians seek out cosmetic surgery annually with 69,000 getting liposuction.

4. Brazil- Plastic surgery is so common in this South American country, it's considered a status symbol among residents. In fact, the country has tax waivers on plastic surgery which deducts the cost of procedures from the person's income tax. The most common surgeries, liposuction and breast implants are one of the reasons why Brazilians boasts perfect looking bodies.

5. Columbia- Brazil's neighbor, this country is one of the most preferred medical tourist centers of the world. With liposuction as the main surgery of choice, some of the procedures performed aren't always safe. Depending on the part of the country, there may be risks involved during surgery.

6. United States-The plastic surgery industry is growing fast with clinics in major cities. In previous years, people didn't discuss plastic surgery as it was seen as shameful. As the world evolved, Americans were more drawn to breast implants and liposuction. With the requests for surgery growing every year, it's considered an industry that will stimulate the national economy.

7. Taiwan-Plastic surgery primarily done on the face is popular for this Asian country. Most procedures are used with Botox to hide signs of aging like sunken cheeks, wrinkles and circles around the eyes. The facilities and surgeons are comparable to those of the best countries in the world.

8. Thailand-Draws the largest Western crowd due to its efficient services and affordable prices.The physician/client confidentiality clause is respected more than any other place. Eyelid surgery and injectable fillers are favorites here.

9. Dominican Republic-With cheap prices and skilled surgeons, prices can be negotiated. A procedure in America may cost 60-75% less here. Rhinoplasty and breast augmentation are popular procedures.

10. India-What's great about the surgeons and experts in this country in the far east is many studied and practiced in the USA, UK and Canada. The services are comparable to other top countries with lower prices. Patients from foreign countries receive plastic surgery more than local residents. Procedures vary depending on the individual.


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  1. My plastic surgery took place in Czech republic. I was surprised how beautiful this country is. My clinic was called Forme clinic - because they forme there new people. LOL. I was really satisfied there. I underwent difficult surgery so I was really afraid. But finally I found out that I'm in good hands and there's nothing to be worried about. Results are more than great.