A Review Of 10 The Best Women And Men Perfumes

Fragrance can prove to be an extremely personal thing. A perfume that makes you consider yourself a goddess can irritate another. However, some perfumes are almost loved by everyone. Below are some of the best fragrances for both men and women.


Escape- Calvin Klein.

This cologne by Calvin Klein is instantly noticeable though it does not shout its identity. This makes the wearer to stand out in a crowd, any day. Its fragrance has exclusive scents, individuality and originality. This perfume contains notes like sandalwood, incense, spearmint, nutmeg, rosemary, mandarin, violet root among many other notes. The notes mix harmoniously leaving you to note a number of your preferred notes such as nutmeg. This cologne is ideal for people who desire a sensual and chic fragrance. You can buy this fragrance at a perfume shop.

Bleu de Chanel.

It’s been 10 years since this perfume was introduced in the market and has not been a disappointment. On the contrary, it appears to gain more popularity. Though this fragrance is not designed for a certain demographic or age group, it is clear that it is an appeal for young men. A number of notes recognizable in this fragrance include frankincense, ginger, jasmine, cedar and accord.

Odin 04- Petrana.

Odin 04 comes in three distinguishing fragrances i.e.: 04 Odin, 03 Century, 02 Owari and 01 Nomad. Odin 04 is the recent addition to the other colognes. It appears that it is more likeable than rest. It is unique since it comprises of a number of the rarest notes, blending them well to produce a scent that emphasizes the masculinity of the wearer. Its complete sweet berry note is quite distinctive. Looking for balance? Then Odin 04 would be your ideal choice.

1 Million Intense- Paco Rabanne.

1 Million Intense has a flamboyant and intense smell that plays a key role in sexuality and seduction. It comprises of unique notes like pepper, rose, blood diamond and cardamom that will surely enhance how you smell. This fragrance is best worn with casual clothes.

Hugo Boss.

When you mix the outdoors with the scent of green pair, musk and patchouli you get Hugo Boss. It is extremely seductive cologne that men enjoy and women love. It comprises of a sophisticated, smooth and soft character that creates an aura of confidence and warmth around the wearer.


Can Can- Paris Hilton.

Can Can is a trustworthy perfume if you desire to acquire the best in the market and have several dollars to spend. Its fragrance notes include wild orchid, orange blossom, woods, amber and Clementine flower. It also has a sweet and distinct smell.

Guess- Parlux.

Guess perfume is a 100 percent genuine EDP spray designed for women. It has an auburn formula that exudes femininity. It also has a distinct, light floral character which is not overbearing. You will definitely receive compliments when you wear it during social events or at work.

Paris Hilton-Paris Hilton.

Paris Hilton is a renowned fragrance in the perfume market. This is due to its sweet natural aroma and authenticity. This perfume comprises of fragrant notes such as peach, sandalwood, freesia, mimosa, jasmine and frozen apple.

Lovely- Sarah Jessica Parker.

The Lovely perfume is loved by majority of men. This EDP spray is characterized by limoene, hydrolyzed jojoba extracts, water, and fragrance among other skin-safe ingredients. Its light floral scent is feminine and soft. When you wear it, you are guaranteed of all-day comfort and freshness that most women crave.

Viva La Juicy- Juicy Couture for Women.

This perfume has a vibrant yet crisp and mystical scent. The perfume comprises of mandarin and wild berries, mid notes of honeysuckle, jasmine, and gardenia, as well as Carmel wood and sandalwood base notes. Just as other numerous brands, it lasts long and is very cost effective. You can purchase this perfume at your nearest fragrance shop at a price of 50.36 dollars.

Studies indicate that men who smell nice are more attractive naturally. In addition, such men are viewed as more focused, sharp, confident, and most of all, have a high self esteem. It is important to use the proper type of  perfume if you desire to smell good.


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