Top 10 Most Sexiest Korean Female Stars Who Are Single In 2015

There are countless gorgeous female celebrities in Korea, so finding the tip 10 most sexy and beautiful definitely will be a challenge. The beauty in Korea is like no other, as the women have a perfect balance of sex appeal and innocence. A couple of the most beautiful women in the country are not only actresses, but singers, as well as hosts.

10. Kim Yu Jin

This Koreansinger is well known for being one of the most sexy and talented artists in the country. Known as Uee and born in April 9, 1988, she has the youthful traits that men swoon over. Jin is a member of the popular girl group After School and aside from that she is also a respected television drama actress where she starred in various shows such as Ojakgyo family, Golden Rainbow, Queen Seodeok, and Jeon Woo-chi. What makes her so attractive would have to be her soft yet seductive facial bone structure.
Ranks : 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1


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