Top 5 Best Boots For Men In 2015 Review

It has been a great year for boots. 2015 has seen new trends emerge, old ones resurge and the ever-present ones still holding on for both men and women brands. Having a look at top 5 most popular boots for men and women each will highlight this. It is good to note that prices of boots differ according to boot brands and the season, so the prices could change anytime.

Chukka boots

First things first, for men, the Chukka boot is sizzling in 2015. The boots are worn in casual settings when you decide to rock your smart casual look maybe for a casual Friday or the weekend. The boot is made of calfskin or suede and it is characterized by a short shaft. The boots look great for men when they are worn with denim jeans at the bottom and a top like a polo shirt. It goes well with the preppy look as it defines the whole look properly. For 2015, this is and has been a must have. Depending on the boot brands, it could be $325 on the higher side and $ 80 dollars on the cheaper end. Aldo and Ben Stu are popular Chukka boots in the market.

Biker boots

The other men’s boots relevant in 2015 are the Biker boots. These boots have a vintage look and throwback appeal to them. They appear in leather either black or brown. They go well in coordination with jeans and a jacket, and underneath the jacket, a plain T-shirt, preferably a bold colour which will brighten up and spruce up your whole look. They can either have the typical zip or leather strap with metal buckle. Biker boots can cost up to $300 dollars. Brands such as Harley-Davidson are prominent.

Dress boots

The Dress boot is the most versatile of boots for men. They can be worn on formal occasions as well as casual without missing a beat. It comes in two styles, either Derby or Oxford. The Derby is more suited for the casual wear and Oxford for those who want to go to work. You can wear it with a suit to work, you can pair a clean cut pair of jeans with a shirt and a blazer and put on the Derby variety for a smart look. The detail that will help you distinguish Derby and Oxford is that, the Derby has eyelets stitched on top of the shoe vamp. The price is $500 for a great quality boot. For Dress boots, there are brands such as Allen Edmonds and Red Wing.

Hiker boots

The hiker boot cannot be overlooked. The boot has been fashionably new-fangled in 2015 so that you can make a statement on the streets. Men who want to be adventurous and have an element of a sporty edge will wear these boots. They are made from leather with synthetic panels, they have a leather outer sole for grip. They are known by their mid-rise shaft and coloured laces. The soles can also be made from crepe or rubber. They work well with a casual look, a good pair of jeans and shirt. Hiking boots can cost you between $90 and $200 depending on the boot brands. Scarpa and Timberland are popular hiking boot products.

Chelsea boots


The Chelsea boot has made a resurgence in 2015. Great pop group The Beatles made these boots famous back in the day and they have rallied this year. The boot is strapless and laceless. It has elastic side panels for instant wearing and taking off. It is made of polished leather. It is worn with a suit and tie for the formal setting and can chime in well with semi-formal dressing. They are in brown and black colour. Chelsea boots can cost you an upwards of $300 or as low as $130. Frank Wright and Hudson Fodge are some of the quality brands.

You can find these boots online and look at the price range and choose which ones you want as a man.


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