12 Ways How To Make Your Bedroom Smell Good

No wonder, your bedroom is your favorite place to relax and rejuvenate, especially after spending a hard day at work. There can be nothing demotivating than bad odors in your room. Chemical deodorizers are harmful to health and are not recommended for use on a daily basis. There are many natural ways to keep the odor away. Read on to find the 12 ways on how to make your bedroom smell good at all times.

1. Use a Diffuser

A diffuser is a natural and effective way to add a variety of scents to your bedroom. It not only removes bad odor from the walls, bedding, upholstery and furniture but also provides you aromatherapy for a relaxing and rejuvenating effect. Since it is portable and easy to use, you can use it at other places too in the house. Just add a few drops of your favorite essential oil with water to it and turn it on for a soothing experience.

2. Eucalyptus shoots

Eucalyptus has a strong natural scent that can overpower almost any odor. For a constant fresh smell in your bedroom get some eucalyptus shoots with dried or fresh leaves. Place them in a beautiful vase and keep it beside your bed or over the study table. The mild scent released from the leaves will keep your bedroom feeling fresh and scented.

3. Ventilate

Proper ventilation is extremely important to reduce the built up of bad odors in your bedrooms. The walls, furniture, and other items kept in the room tend to hold odors. If fresh air is allowed to circulate inside the room, the odor is eliminated in an effective way. Open up all the windows and doors that allow fresh air inside, especially in the morning.

4. Hang scented Tea bags

You may add a few drops of aromatic essential oils in a few tea bags and hand them at the back of the main bedroom door. You will be surprised to smell a good scent every time you enter your room. Once the smell fades out in every few days, you may add a few more drops to each tea bag.

5. Make a scented spray

Essential oils can also be used in the form of homemade sprays to reduce bad odors from your bedroom, instantly. Just fill up an old spray bottle with water and put a few drops of lemon essential oil and spray it whenever you feel the need for a fresh, and refreshing scent.

6. Clean the bedding

Bedding holds a lot of bad odors, especially if it is not cleaned regularly. It is important to wash your sheets and pillow covers every week to prevent odors. Use a fragrant detergent to wash your bed sheets for a scented bedroom.

7. Use vinegar

For eliminating bad odors from the walls of your bedroom which often results due to trapped moisture and impurities. Mix some synthetic vinegar to water and use a high-quality sponge to clean the walls with this dilution.

8. Avoid smoking

Smoking may make your bedroom stink for days. The smoke deposits over the furniture, clothes, and bedding and releases bad odor for a long period of time. It is best to avoid smoking in or near your bedroom to keep it smelling good.

9. Keep rugs clean

The rugs placed in the doorstep of your bedroom needs to be cleaned thoroughly at least once a month to keep it clean. Dirt and chemical toxins may come with your shoes and deposit over the rugs which may constantly emit a bad odor. If cleaning the rugs is not possible, try keeping your shoe away from the bedroom.

10. Place some reeds

Placing a reed diffuser for an unending fragrance is one of the best ways to make your bedroom smell good. Just add your favorite essential oil in a glass container and put some reeds to slowly diffuse the aromatic fragrance in the air.

11. Put some Baking soda

If you find your furniture emitting a bad smell, you may use baking soda for an effective solution. Fill a bowl with baking soda powder and keep it inside your cupboard or inside a stinking drawer and leave it for 1-2 days. It will absorb all the bad smell and make your furniture smell fresh.

12. DIY room fresheners

Do-it-yourself room fresheners are another effective and easy way to overpower bad smell in your bedroom. Take a few cotton balls and add a few drops of your preferred essential oil. Place these balls at different places for an everlasting aromatic and fragrant bedroom.

In addition to the above ways to make your bedroom smell good, it is important to keep it clean. Dusting all the surface with a natural cleaner, every few days will eliminate deposition of impurities that tend to emit bad odors. Proper cleanliness along with a natural and fresh aroma will make your bedroom a perfect place to relax.


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