Top 10 Most Beautiful Thai Actresses In 2015

When one thinks about Thailand, there are various things that come to mind. This very well includes aspects such as the marvelous scenery it portrays that has enabled Thailand to be one of the world’s popular tourist attraction sites. However in tandem with the scenic beauty, many would agree with the fact that one cannot simply consider Thailand without the thought of the extremely attractive women it has especially so when compared to other East Asian countries. As not every other female can be mentioned, below are top 10 most beautiful Thai actresses in 2015

10. Mai Davika

Born in 1992, Mai Davika makes it to the list of top 10 beautiful Thai actresses 2015. Her beauty is so much apparent that she has been privileged to be one of the few actresses to grace the cover of Vogue Thailand, best known for the her role in Tawan Tor Saeng. Known to have a great fashion sense apart from her beauty she has exploited this fact and created her own fashion brand named Misstar by Davika

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