10 Of the World’s Richest Footballers

Football, aka soccer, is the most widely played ball sports in the world. Whether it is the Italian Serie A Spanish Liga BBVA, English Premier League, UEFA Championship, and German Bundesliga, this sport has millions of viewers worldwide. To crown it all, the biggest soccer event, FIFA world cup, features national teams from all continents. Big clubs within EPL and Spanish Liga BBVA are known to trade players with princely amounts of money, from which the athletes receive a handsome share during the transfers. Owing to this fact, soccer players are ranked as the highest-paid athletes in the world. Here are some of the best paid footballers. 

10. Frank Lampard

This English football star adorns the Etihad logo. This jersey belongs to the EPL dominating team Manchester City. From his dribbling skills and impeccable ball handling, this professional soccer player is unquestionably the best midfielder of his generation. With a net worth of € 80 million ($ 87 million), Frank Lampard is among the wealthiest soccer stars in 2015. 

9. Ronaldinho Gaucho

This legend hails from the streets of Brazil currently plays for Atlético Mineiro. The club pays him an equivalent of €2.7 million yearly. He has won the FIFA World Player of the Year award for two consecutive years. Ronaldinho’s Pepsi endorsement injects $737,400 per year into his account. The Brazilian maestro is valued at € 83 million, a net worth of $90.5 million. 

8. Raul

This striker for the New York Cosmos was initially in Real Madrid for 16 years. While there, he set the top scorer record with 323 goals. Raul is of Spanish origin and has a net worth of € 85 million, which is $ 93 million.

7. Samuel Eto’o

He is the renowned African footballer of all time. He currently holds the striker position for English Premier League club Everton. During his time with Anzhi Makhachkala, he earned $25 million a year after tax deductions, which made him the highest paid player in the world. In present times, he has a net worth of €87 million, which translates to $95 million.

6. Ricardo Kaka

This talented attacking midfielder runs with the Orlando-based American Major League Soccer Club. With a salary of $7.2 million annually, he is among the highest paid soccer players in America. Kaka accumulated most of his wealth while playing for Real Madrid. His net worth stands at an impressive € 96 million, which amounts to $ 105 million.

5. Wayne Rooney

He is the captain of Manchester United football club and the England’s national team. Rooney was not always in the United’s lineup, he moved there from Merseyside Club Everton on a £25.6 million deal trade. His Manchester contract pays him €365,000 per week while his endorsements are worth €4 million. This English player is estimated to have a net worth of over € 103 million that translates to $112 million. 

4. Zlatan Ibrahimovic

From Sweden, this footballer is a worldwide sensation. He captains his homeland's national team and the French club Paris Saint-Germain. His contract earns him a €15 million annual salary. His net worth stands at a groundbreaking €105 million, which is $114 million.

3. Neymar Jr

This Brazilian sensation has scored 43 goals in 62 matches. His move to the Spanish club, FC Barcelona was worth €57.1 million and ranked in as the 15th most expensive transfer. He earns a yearly salary of €8.8 million and € 20 million yearly from his endorsement contracts. His net worth is €135 million ($148million).

2. Lionel Messi

This left-foot legend was the first footballer to win four FIFA/Ballons d’Or. The Argentine little maestro is regarded as one of the best footballers ever. His contract earns him €20 million per year and His net worth is €200million. From such a paycheck, messi lives in a luxurious house in Spain and also has a property back home in Argentina.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo

In 2014, this athlete featured in Forbes list with total earnings of $80 million, which he made between 2013 and 2014. His current Real Madrid contract puts him ahead with €18 million per year. He is also the captain of the Portugal national team. Cristiano earned the title “world’s most expensive soccer player” after finalizing his transfer from Manchester United to his current team in 2009. This transaction was worth €94million. His net worth rose to €210 million/ $230 million after endorsing popular brands like Nike and Motorola.
Many footballers are high earners and it’s no surprise that the ten listed above have staggering wealth to their names. With different corporate sponsors and endorsements coming into the picture, you can bet that even in the future top footballers will remain the richest athletes on earth.


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