8 Tips To Make Your Perfume Last Longer

It can be very frustrating to dress expensively, invest in rare and very expensive cologne and be unable to get people to notice it. What is it that at the end of the day, you too can barely smell the fragrance yourself not to mention that people do not notice just how much you have invested. You may have just one question in your mind: what do other people do to make sure their scent is felt all day other than reapplying, which can be tiresome and expensive as your cologne ends up being used up faster.
1. Apply a scentless lotion before you apply your perfume

There is one thing about dry skin that many people do not take note of. Dry skin rarely keeps a scent intact. Applying a moisturizer that is scentless to yo0ur skin before you spray yourself will help you keep the fragrance lasting longer. It is also great to moisturize your skin before so it will act as bonus protection.

2. Apply your perfume right after taking the shower

A mistake many people make is to get dressed then apply the perfume last as they are about to leave the house. This, many people think will help the cologne last longer. On the contrary applying your perfume right after you have taken your shower is the perfect way of ensuring your fragrance lasts the whole day. The moisture in your body will help keep the fragrance intact. It is also a great way of keeping your clothes and jewelry from being stained.

3. Target pulse points

There are several areas in your body where you can target while spraying that will help keep your fragrance stronger and will help it last the whole day. This will make more people feel your scent and your expensive cologne will be noticed. They will diffuse the scent across your entire body. The ankles and calves allow the scent to rise the whole day. Other areas to target are the area right below your midriff, your neck and the front part of your elbow.

4. Dub some good perfumes on your wrist

Your wrists are also pulse points and will help keep your scent circulating. Dubbing some perfume on your wrists and rubbing them together is a great way to kill the top notes faster than intended. This will ensure that your fragrance lasts the whole day.

5. Rub some Vaseline on your pulse points before spraying

The greatest benefit on Vaseline is not just because it leaves your skin moisturized, it is also occlusive. This will help keep your skin oily and thus your fragrance will last longer that it would have if you’re sprayed while your skin was dry.

6. Ensure proper storage of your perfumes and colognes

Like everything else you will ever buy, how you store it will determine its effectiveness and durability. The main reason why your fragrances do not last longer is because you store them in your bathroom or in some other warm place. Humidity, heat and light help break down your perfume and lessen the quality of the fragrance long before you wear it. To help the fragrance you are in love with interest everyone else, store them in cool dry places away from windows and direct light. In fact, you can use a stand to display them.

7. Walk into the fragrance

Sometimes you do not want your fragrance to be very strong but you still want people to catch a scent of it from your clothes. Spray the cologne in the air and walk into the mist. This will help the fragrance be evenly distributed in your clothes and be mild enough for people to catch some of it but not too much it is uncomfortable.

8. Do not spray your hair

Sure, your hair will retain most of the fragrance. However, it will be left dry and may be prone to damage. A great way to ensure your hair has some of your fragrance is to spray your hair brush before running it through your hair. It will ensure you have the fragrance and yet keep your hair undamaged. The only time you should spray your hair directly is when you are absolutely certain the fragrance is used for hair.

The tips above will ensure that you don’t just smell good in the morning but that the whole day people will keep asking what perfume you use. They will also give you a few secrets you will use when you want your scent to be left on a person’s bed or clothes as you hug them.


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