Top 10 Biggest SuperMarkets In The World

The world of supermarkets is arguably one of the most profitable in the industry. This sector has grown over the years, and the money that flows in this industry is a lot. Small shops have evolved over time to become huge shopping malls in later years. This shows how this industry grows regarding sales and also the revenue generated. Below is a list of the top players and the biggest employees, the top 10 largest supermarkets in the world.

10.The Aldi Einkauf GmbH and Co.

The Aldi is a discount supermarket that operates worldwide in 18 countries. It has 9000 stores. Found by two brothers, Theo Albrecht and Karl, Aldi became a household name in Germany. It started as a grocery shop but now sells liquor, food, electrical products and kitchenware. The company has a revenue of 73 billion US dollars.

9.The Target Corporation.

This Corporation is the second largest retailer in discounts in the US. It has been ranked #36 in the Fortune 500 company list. It operates in over 1700 locations in the US and another 127 in Canada. The Target Corporation sells food products and a host of other different merchandise. Their merchandise is low price and thus attracts a lot of young consumers. Other products they sell include apparel, jewellery and also accessories.

8.The Home Depot, Inc.

With a revenue of 74.7 billion US dollars, the Home Depot houses many other exclusive brands that sell their goods, the housewares style. The stores are responsible for serving several individuals who are associated with repairmen, contractors and also other construction jobs. They provide their clients with home improvement goods, building materials, installation guides and also consultancy. They have over 2263 stores in Puerto Rico, US and also Mexico. They also have an online wing that attracts up to 129 million visitors annually.

7.The Lidl Stiftung And Co. KG.

The Lidl Stiftung is among other German top Giants. It is a discount supermarket that operates worldwide. It operates in over 20 countries and has over 9800 stores. They are well known for providing their users with carton products straight from the manufacture giving their consumers the actual price. Customers can pick goods directly from the cartons that are on display at their stores. They also run one of the cheapest DVD rental stores.

6.The Metro AG.

The Metro supermarket hails from Germany. It has 984 consumer electronics stores, 137 department stores, 384 hypermarkets. The Metro AG also takes part in logistics, information technology, advertising services and also real estates.

5.The Kroger Co.

This is an American retailer and currently operates drug stores and also food retail. They also run jewellery shops, convenient stores and also multi-department stores. Being the 23rd largest company in the world, the Kroger Co has over 2600 stores. It was founded by Bernard Kroger in 1883 and makes up to 96.6 billion US dollars. It operates from the US.

4.The Carrefour S.A.

The Carrefour supermarket serves some countries including Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Dominican Republic, China, Brazil and Argentina. However, Europe is its primary market, Asia and parts of North Africa. Founded in 1958, the Carrefour has over 1400 chain of hypermarkets and earns a revenue of 97.7 billion US dollars. Its headquarters is in Paris and houses several brands including convenient stores, discount stores and also department stores. The Carrefour is very famous for its different slogans. The French retailer has a total of over 10,000 outlets including the hypermarkets.

3.The Costco Wholesale Corporation.

The Costco was founded in 1976 and earns a revenue of up to 99.1 billion US dollars. It operates in 8 countries apart from the US. The corporation aims to sell products in bulk and at a relatively low price. The company is open to guests and their members only, making it a member’s only warehouse club. The Costco only accepts American express credit card. It operates several other gas stations, travel businesses and also pharmacies.

2.The Tesco PLC.

The Tesco originated from PLC and was started by Jack Cohen in 1919. The Tesco PLC is currently operating as a grocery market in the UK. It is the leading market in Thailand, Malaysia, UK and the Republic of Ireland, the Tesco operates in 12 countries across North America, Asia and Europe. The markets earn up to 101.2 billion dollars. They offer their clients with clothing, food and groceries and other general merchandise. They have over 7300 stores worldwide and an online store. They have diversified their services to offering communication services, food providing and also renting DVDs.

1.The Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. 

Founded in 1945 by Sam Walton, Walmart operates in 27 countries and has over 11,000 stores worldwide. The Walmart stores operate with 55 other different name partnering with other companies in the various countries. Walmart is the world largest corporation, the world’s biggest retailers and the largest employer with up to over 2 million employees. The Walmart stores earn a revenue of up to 469.1 billion US dollars.


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