Ten Horror Movies Coming Out in 2016

Scary movies are always big news, and exciting; it would explain why Hollywood is always making so many of them, packing the theaters with new movie releases involving the horror genre. Several new horror movies are set to hit theaters this year, according to many sites (one website being imdb).

10. The Conjuring: The Enfield Poltergeist

Directed by James Wan (the same man who co-created the "Saw" franchise and directed "Furious 7") after he passed on a chance to direct "Furious 8" and make quite a lot of money to do so. Which was due to the fact that Wan wants to tell another scary story.

9. The Purge 3

The movie supposed to take place in 2017, and the film is rumored to be set during the first "Purge" movie. Returning to write and direct the film is James DeMonaco, who has written all three installments of the franchise. Also returning is Dwayne "The Stranger" (played by Edwin Hodge) and Leo Barnes (played by Frank Grillo)

8. Lights Out

A creature haunts a woman but only when the lights go out. This film is based on David Sandberg's short film from 2013 of the same name. He directs this version, making his feature film debut and Eric Heisserer wrote the screenplay.

7. The Other Side of the Door

A family's young son dies after a tragic accident. After hearing about a ritual that will bring her son back long enough so they can say proper goodbyes, the grief-stricken mother wants to do it. She goes to an ancient temple were the ritual will be performed, and sees a door that she is told not to open. She disobeys and turns the balance of life and death on its head.

6. Before I Wake

An orphaned child's nightmares and dreams start to become real while he sleeps after he gets adopted by new parents. The parents first are not sure why he is so afraid to fall asleep, only to find out why. They must hunt for the truth for these nightmares should they want to live.

5. Hollow Creek

A horror author named Blake Blackman tries to get some inspiration while writing his current novel. He decides to go to a cabin in the middle of nowhere located in the Appalachian Mountains. Only Angelica, an illustrator and his mistress, and her dog goes with him. They stumble upon a murder-abduction case when Angelica goes to locate one of the missing kids. This movie co-stars Burt Reynolds.

4. A Man in the Dark

Teens break into a blind man's home, hoping they can pull off the perfect crime. Boy are they wrong.

3. The Forest

A woman (played by Natalie Dormer) goes looking for her twin sister in a forest in Japan that people go to when they want to commit suicide (Aokigahara Forest). Before she knows it, she is surrounded by paranormal forces.

2. 31

The crowd funded new movie by singer and writer/director Rob Zombie, the movie features killer clowns who kidnap five carnies on Halloween morning and they are forced to play a game called "31" and survive for twelve hours while with this gang. "31" also finally got an R rating that Zombie has been trying to get for awhile now. The movie also features Zombie's regular stable of actors (Sherri Moon Zombie, Sid Haig, and Michael McDowell). I'm intrigued to see what was originally in the film that drew a NC-17 rating; plus I just want to see this film that was made by one of my favorite directors and singers.

1. The Boy

A nanny, just starting to work for an English family, realizes that their son is actually a life size doll. The parents got the doll as a coping mechanism after their real son died two decades ago. After some disturbing things happen, she thinks that the doll may be alive. Starring in this movie, is Lauren Cohan ("The Walking Dead"). It is always nice to see actors who are known for a certain role to appear in something else; it allows people to see if that person can actually act or if they have just gotten lucky with a role on a popular show.

These were just some of the new movies hitting theaters this year. Not listed here are some of the sequels, remakes, and reboots that are coming out this year. It is a jam packed schedule that should do nothing if not entertain movie goers this year.


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