Top 10 Best And Cheap Home Projectors of 2016

If you wish to experience a thrilling home theater environment inside your living room, going for an efficient projector might be one of the best options you can have as the market today is flooded with plenty of high quality products that are capable of putting up a 12 foot high definition picture on your wall. Consumer electronics have witnessed rapid development in the last decade which means you now have access to features that would not have been on the radar a few years back. There are a host of offerings from some of the leading brands in the market which offer easy installation along with a variety of features like HDMI capability, Wi-Fi connectivity and 3-D playback options. With that in mind, here is a list of 10 best projectors you can bring home in 2016 without having to pay an exorbitant price and have the best home theater experience.

10. Aketek Multimedia Led Video Projector

A product that’s gained a lot of traction due to its compact size and easy installation process. Along with the low price, it also saves you a lot when it comes to electricity costs as it is very energy efficient. It manages to project at a resolution of 320x240 and also features air vents that help to improve air circulation.
Price: $58

9. Canon LV-X300ST

This little beauty is perfect for you if you have limited space as it makes use of clever optics to cast a big image at a short distance from the screen. With a rating of 3000 ANSI lumens, it is surprisingly bright and features a resolution of1024x728 which produces crystal clear images. The noise produced while operating is the only factor that pushes it down the list, although it is one of the best cheap projectors out there.
Price: $525 

8. Taotaole Multimedia HD Portable Projector

An affordable option that produces resolution of 320x240 and features 500 lumens, this item from Taotaole is perfect for those who do not want to spend much yet are looking for a decent product. It supports a variety of input options like SD card, USB, HDMI and even micro-USB card.

Price: $260

7. ACER H5380BD Home Theater Projector

If you were looking for a reliable product from a well-known brand, the ACER H5380BD might just be the one for you as it offers an amazing blend of high-level reliability and experience. It manages to project at a resolution of 720p and is well suited for high definition or Blu-ray movie formats. The product is equipped with dust shield technology that is very useful in protecting against any damage from airborne dust or sand.
Price: $385


This projector from Sony offers excellent images that are rich in color and contrast, thanks to the SXRD technology making it perfect for live games and movies. Rated at 1700 lumens, it feels sturdy and well-built although the absence of a 12v trigger for automatic screen control might put off a few people. However, the operating noise is extremely low, making it one of the best projectors in the market today. It is an excellent option for high-quality home theater experience.
Price: $2450

5. DBPower HD Home Theater Projector

Equipped with a compact and beautiful design, this projector is one that will surely make you fall in love with it. The 5 inch LCD is very useful for operating the projector in a dark room while the 20 hours battery life gives you enough time to enjoy all your favorite movies and videos without worrying about charging it.
Price: $220

4. Epson PowerLite Home Cinema Projector

When it comes to cheap portable projectors, this device from Epson shines bright among the other options in the market. It features built-in speakers to enhance the overall viewing experience and is compatible with 16:9 widescreen videos. Installation is hassle free and easy, making it one of the best projectors out there.
Price: $600

3. ViewSonic PJD5134

High performance and a brilliant home theater experience is what the ViewSonic PJD5134 offers to the customers. Its exclusive ECO technology can automatically decrease the brightness levels of the projector and catch the attention of the viewers. Installation is a cakewalk and integrating the projector along with other compatible devices like speakers is also a simple task. No wonder it is one of the best cheap projectors on the list.
Price: $575


This popular projector from OPTOMA offers high-definition video with full 1080p resolution that provides a thrilling viewing experience, making it suitable for anything and everything that a user may wish for, be it sports, movies or games. With 3-D support bundled in, this projector leaves the competition far behind.
Price: $550

1.BenQ W1070 Home Theater Projector

The winner on our list is the W1070 from BenQ with its SmartECO and ECO Blank features that help to significantly cut down on unnecessary energy usage and provides for an enriching viewing experience. This home theater projector has built-in speakers and integrated color enriching modes that add further value to the home theater experience.
Price: $700

So there you have the top 10 best home theater projectors in the market today. Each one of them offers high-quality viewing experience along with the latest features. So if you have been thinking about portable home theater projectors, these are the best options for you.


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