12 Richest Chefs of World

The most popular and richest chefs in world are the ones who are more than what they do but have become brands themselves. These chefs have got their own books, product lines and also television shows. They may also own the popular restaurant chains too. Average earning for an executive chef is 71000 dollars in one year. The chefs who are renowned are actually in millions. The most popular TV shows of these days mainly comprise of cooking shows. Chefs were the people who worked in the kitchens and never got a chance to come to front but these chefs really change that era.

12.Anthony Bourdain

He is the most popular chef and also the one who has got the bestselling book under his name. He has worked as master chef in many of the popular restaurants. He has hosted Anthony Bourdain one of the shows. He is worth of about 6 million dollar.

11.Ana Quincoces

This lady chef is popularly called the Hottest chef of Miami. She grew up learning cooking from her mother in their kitchen. Cuban chicks ca cook is the first book she authored. She is worth of about 10 million dollars and even own the cookware line IMUSA.

10.Nigella Lawson

She is the celebrity born in London and is popular as book reviewer, journalist, broadcaster etc other than being a chef. In 1998 she released her first cookbook How To Eat, which distributed greater than 300, 000 copies. In 2000 she recorded How to Be a Domestic Goddess. The book received her British Author of the Year Prize.. She even has hosted her cooking show. She is about 15 million dollars worth.

9.Paula Deen

Paula owns the Lady & sons restaurant. She is one among the renowned chefs in the world and have even authored 14 cookbooks. Her first step to the career in cooking was with home business named The Bag lady. She is worth of 16 million dollars.

8.Mario Batali

Mario Batali can be regarded as a great chef and also a popular restaurant owner. He even has hosted some television shows. He became sous chef in the age of 27 at Seasons Baltimore Hotel. He acquired a four star review from the New York Times, getting the first Italian restaurant to get four stars in greater than 40 years. He is worth of 25 million dollars.

7.Ina Garten

He is the one who also became popular for food network show she hosted. She was a former member in the office of management & budget in White house. She learn cooking by herself. She is worth of 44 million dollars.

6.Emeril Lagasse

He is popular for the food network shows he has hosted. He did his graduation from Johnson & Wales Culinary school. He became executive chef in Hyannis Resort of Dufney in the year of 1979. He gave voice to Marlon in The Princess and the Frog. He is worth of 50 million dollars.

5.Rachael Ray

Rachael Ray is much popular as television host, author and also business owner. She has hosted so many shows and has even authored so many cookbooks that have got to the list of the best selling ones. She is worth of about 75 million dollars.

4.Wolfgang Puck

He is much respected and renowned chef. He has restaurants in his name, he is even a writer as well as actor. He was born in Austria and owns about 20 restaurants, catering services as well as many products too. He is estimated to be worth of 75 million dollars.

3.Gordon Ramsey

He is so popular for cooking as well as hot temper. He is Scottish by origin and has got four star – restaurants and also is a part of so many TV shows. He is worth of about 174 million dollars.

2.Paul Bocuse

He is the French Chef and has so many restaurants that he own. He has spent a major part of his career in preaching about the necessity for using fresh veggies. He is worth of about 185 million dollars and is a respected personality.

1.Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver is the youngest and richest chef you can find in this list. He was born in the year 1975 and got popular as restaurateur and television personality. He is worth of about 400 million dollars. Food education and cookbooks are the stuffs that have made him much a fame.


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