Top 10 Most Popular Taiwanese Female Singers in 2016

Taiwan is a country that best Female Singers who will entertain you incredibly. Surely they have made themselves the icons of Asia from their gifted singing capabilities as well as spellbinding Performance. In Asian music world, we have many remarkable female singers who have made it to the top from their excellent performance. Their voices have also conquered hearts of many music lovers. Here are the top 10 Most Popular Taiwanese Female Singers in 2016:

10. Coco Lee

This pop ruler begun her vocation in Taiwan before moving to Hong Kong. Many people know her in China despite being a Taiwanese. You will definitely be thrilled with her after selling over 25 million copies of her “Cham her baby” album. Her is one of highly paid female singers who you can listen when looking for cool Asian music. 

9. Magdalen Hsu-Li

A Taiwanese-American singer and lyricist. She is famous for her rock elective music. In addition, Hsu-Li started a non-profit association for ladies’ rights before starting her vocation in music. Her famous songs are Bad Girl, Debts of Love, and Women Flower.

8. Gigi Leung

Born in Taiwan female however raised in California (Southern part). She started her career in singing with Araidne Record in the year 2000 after releasing her first collection of songs for the listeners. Many people know her from the album Listen to the Sea with the hit-song called Bad Boy. She also has a law degree from University of Houston.

7. Hui-mei Chang

As one of the best Taiwanese Female singers. Chang had started with producing simple track before arriving at her fame. Moreover, she experienced most of her childhood in Taiwanese native group. Many people know her from the song “First love” she released in the year 1998. Since then, she has been among the Taiwanese in the world. You will always be happy when you listen to her songs. Until today, she has over 80 singles with over 10 albums. 

6. Teresa Teng teresa

Teng (or commonly known as Deng Lijun) is among the best sentimental melodies as Taiwanese Female singers. Her songs are very prominent in Northeast Asia and East Asia. Her popular melodies are Moon Always Represents My Heart and When Will You Be Back. Return. Many people known as Taiwanese pop singers from her success in the industry.

5. Anita Mui

Anita Mui was born and brought up in Taiwan. She is started entertainment business in capital city of Taiwan before migrating to Hong Kong. Many people know her from the hot albums “Chungking Express” and the “2046.” She is among the best Taiwanese performers whom you can hire when you need to enjoy cool music. Since then, she has always been among the celebrated singers from the country especially when touring around the world. 

4. Na Ying

Lee is another Taiwanese-American who experienced most her childhood in the city of San Francisco before moving to Taiwan. Many people know her from the songs “Mulan,” and the “Hidden Dragon, and Crouching Tiger, she released in the US before migrating to Taiwan. Today, she is doing well after releasing over 5 albums since them. 

3. Tian Zhen

Tian Zhen is a celebrated Taiwan-born singer who also debuted in 1998. In the year 2005, she did release her first hits collection that set the Taiwan record of most bought collection in terms of number of copies. Many people know her from the “Beijing Youth Daily” album that become her most popular album of all-time. 

2. Li Yuchun

Li Yuchun turned famous overnight after a wake of winning challenge of “Super Girl” in Taiwanese likeness of the “American Idol.” Since then, she become among the highly rated singers in the country. She has an extraordinary achievement after releasing songs such as “My love for you is unforgettable” done in Taiwanese language. 

1. Joey Yung

Joey Yung was born in the year 1985. She is arguably among the best Taiwanese female singers or "celebrity" in the whole of Asia. Yung moved to Hong Kong at the age of 100, and she beginning her singing career at the age of 16. Since then, she has released many songs that makes her one of the top earner in the music industry with her top hit called “ I am an overcomer” written and done in both Taiwanese and Chinese languages.
In conclusion, the above information will give you information about the top 10 Most Popular Taiwanese Female Singers in 2016 to enable you choose whom to listen to when you want cool music.


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