Top 10 Best Professional Photography Cameras In The Year 2016

Do you want buy the best Professional Photography Cameras in the year 2016? When planning to do photography as a career, you should be aware of the features of the cameras before buying one. The following is a review of the top 10 Professional Photography Cameras in the year 2016:

10. Panasonic FZ1000 Camera
The Panasonic FZ1000 Camera has some of the best features any photographer who need quality pictures. With the longest zoom range, you will always have an easy time using the camera. The cameras will offer you a high level of performance, good features and excellent image quality.

9. Nikon D7200 Camera

Nikon D7200 Camera is an expensive, powerful, and Versatile with excellent results that you can buy when you need to buy the best from the market. With sensors of APS-C, 24.2Mp and Viewfinder Optical with a continuous shooting of 6fps, you will get a good camera. The camera also has Wide aperture lens with an excellent sensor for image quality.
8. Nikon D4 camera

This Nikon D4 camera has a little gem for the professionals who need to improve their photography profession. It has a small size making them Versatile and customizable. With a Comparatively small sensor, you will take excellent photos with it. It also has a 4K time-lapse that play movies at rate of 5fps. With the cost, you will always appreciate its features.

7. Pentax 645D camera

This Pentax 645D Camera has Clever editing features that makes them unique when compared to other models in the market. In addition, it has an easy to mount in a position with heavy compared to the rivals. Since the lens are waterproof, you will always take your pictures everywhere you prefer.

6. Canon EOS-1 DDs Mark III Camera

This is Canon’s top mirror-less camera that you can buy when you need to take your profession to the next level. The camera has an excellent resolution with a high-end 4K video that makes it among the best options in the market. It has a relatively limited range of lens with menus need streamlining that makes it amazing. With the cost, you will enjoy excellent features.

5. Leica S2-P Camera

Leica S2-P Camera is a premium performance camera in a small package. It has small compact size with wide aperture lens that enables you take pictures at ease. You will also have an easy time when taking pictures from the Fiddly EVF activation from its no touch-screen. 

4. Panoscan MK-3 360 Degree Panoramic Digital Camera

Panoscan MK-3 360 Degree Panoramic Digital Camera is among the best entry-level full-frame dslr of Canon that offers powerful performance when you need quality pictures. It has good touch-screen or button controls when using it. You will get good 400Mp sensor that will offer you over 99% coverage. The camera also has a slow route to a setting AF point when buying it from the market. 

3. Phase One P65 plus Back with a 645DF
This is a perfect travel camera –with a very big zoom that would enable you take your pictures easily during your vacation. With a 300x wide-angle-to-telephoto range of the zoom, you will take nice pictures. It has manual controls with raw files that makes it easy to use. Its small sensor will always restricts quality from a touch-screen when using it. Despite the price, you will always get excellent pictures when you use the camera. 

2. Seitz 6×17 inch Digital Panoramic Camera
This is high-end compact camera with full sensor size and Megapixels of 1,600MP. The Wide aperture lens with a full-frame quality will enable you take nice pictures when using the camera. It has a fast f/1.7 Leica lens when you need to take quality pictures. Those people who have bought the camera have been satisfied with the quality of the camera. 

1. Hasseblad H4D-200MS Digital Camera
Hasseblad H4D-200MS Digital Camera is most probably the most expensive camera with classic controls and big-sensor quality. This small pocket-sized camera has micro Four Thirds sensor with the Classic manual controls for a 2,000Mp resolution. When you use the camera, you will get the best result thus making it among the best rated options within the market. It has a multi-aspect ratio sensor that is capable of delivering 120 million pixels to enable you have an excellent view. In conclusion, the above is a review of the top 10 Professional Photography Cameras in the year 2016 that you can buy when you want to improve your professionalism in the photography career.


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