10 Reasons You Should Buy Gopro Camera

Experience Great Outdoor Adventure!
GoPro cameras have really transformed the way everybody sees the underwater world, including several non-divers who can also see spectacular first-person video footages of wonderful scenes underwater.
Everyone from biggest television network producers to the use casual users GoPro in their productions and they have rightfully earned their place as the staple in television, filmmaking, and in the bags of several scuba divers.

Here are top ten reasons you should purchase GoPro Camera:
10. Affordable - At around $300-$400, the GoPro is very affordable compared to other cameras which have same features. For example, you can get a whole GoPro camera for the similar price you would pay for high-quality waterproof housing for a decent Cannon EOS or Nikon digital camera.

9. Video Quality - you actually can get professional quality videos using a GoPro camera with resolution up to 1080p60.
You can use the editor from the GoPro Hero 4 and be able to merge different snippets of video, and they’ve some templates to use which will help you in putting your any videos together (with music as well).

8. Super Fun - there are very many entertaining ways to use this great camera to make videos from all types of perspectives. Strap it to your child, to your dog to a model rocket, or to the end of your trombone; the possibilities are boundless. That means the fun is endless!

7. They are compact and simple to carry underwater- Taking along the GoPro camera will not consume much space and easily fit in a BC pocket.
Even with a handle or light added, they weigh less underwater and take up nearly no room. (Actually, they are very small, and compact several people seem to lose them, therefore, tie it on the leash!)

6. They are versatile - As mentioned, you are able to easily shoot still video, photos, and even the time-lapse video with your GoPro camera.
If you purchase a GoPro for the diving, you can also use it for mountain biking, road trips, backpacking, and your children will be excited using it in a pool. Once you begin shooting with it, you will find other techniques to have great fun with it.
5. They are indestructible (well, almost)- The GoPro has a long-lasting case which will endure the depth of 130 feet underwater, drops to a pavement, and even falling off your vehicle.
Television producers even attach them all over boats, cars, and the airplanes because of this quality, and even if one does get fully smashed, you can still find the memory card out of it to see how it occurred.

4. They are kid-friendly
- If you have children, they will enjoy shooting stuff with theGoPro. Once you purchase this camera, your children will have fun using the GoPro while snorkeling, body surfing, jumping off the rocks, and even hiking.
Later, they will watch the footage every evening when they get back from their exciting trips. The kids may even upload clips to their Instagram and Facebook accounts, and their parents have video clips and photos they will have for their lifetime.

3. Wide-angle- GoPros are excellent for interior car shot. You have certainly seen those shots in TV documentaries or similar. Due to their wide-angle lens and the small size, it is possible to attach them to the windshield of any car and shoot e.g. the driver.

2. You never know when you will see something astonishing underwater- Scuba divers frequently come across things many people will never witness in their lifetimes, and having a GoPro Hero 4 with you’ll let you capture videos or stills of it swiftly as easily.
There are several of videos on the YouTube currently which people never expected capturing them but were able to since they had a GoPro camera on them. With the GoPro, you can easily capture video footage or stills of that decent one-in-a-lifetime encounter.

1. They are an excellent back-up system for completely rigged photographers- Even if you possess a full underwater DSLR rig, a GoPro Hero 4 is extremely handy to have. Attached to your housing, you are able to capture precise video footages while you are shooting stills.

Now you will come back home with gorgeous still photos of that whale swimming by, along with decent video footage of an entire experience, taken at the same time.
If you face any challenges with your DSLR fill up your memory card or run out of the battery power during the dive, you have an alternative method of filming the unique, unexpected encounter which may come up.


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