Top 10 Cutest Korean Singers In 2016

It is very true that almost all female singers in Korean are cute. Their cuddly faces, their gorgeous smile, as well as well –sculpted bodies make them among the most beautiful in the world. But every year new singers emerge bringing in about a complete change in ranks. Last year, the cutest Korean girls may not be on the top ten this year. This year we have listed several awesome hot women that we are very proud to include on our top 10 Cutest Korean Singers. We will include their personality, their age, their body size, their background and their award and anything else you may want to know about them.

10 . Im Yoona

Im Yoona is celebrating her 26 birthday on May 30th this year. She is a South Korean singer, 168 cm in height. No tattoos yet, and she is just 44kg in weight. She is also an actress, having participated in various television dramas from the year 2008. She took her begin in the year 2002 where she used to appear often in different auditions, but her beauty was recognized in a very short time frame, and today she is not just performing in her country but even at international scales. She has been called a CF queen after many commercial films and has been a spokesperson for many popular brands. She has had 11 awards throughout her career.

9. Jaekyung

Jaekyung, born on December 24, 1988, is one among the sexy and cutest South Korean girl, a member of K-pop band called the 'Rainbow.' She is a very talented woman being a singer, an actress, a model, a vocalist as well as a television personality. Her cute face, her sexy figure and her unique voice blown million of fans in Korean and everywhere across the globe.

8. Park Bom 

Park is also a South Korean singer, a model and so to say among the highest paid entertainment industry in Korea. She was born in Seoul, in March 1984. This lady owns a sweet voice, with exceptional solo dancing skills and not to mention a super hot figure. Just 165cm (5’5”) in height and 52kgs (115lb) in weight. Her experience in the music industry makes her very popular all over Korean, China, Japan and even the rest of the world.

7. Jeon Hyosung

Jeon is another Korean singer as well as a dancer with an extraordinarily look and an amazing talent which is why her band 'the Secret’ has become so popular in the entertainment industry in Korean and all over the globe. She was born in 1989, in South Korea. Her career began with a failure in auditions, but through determination, she has made up to the top and especially the top of the hottest women singer in Korea. Hyosung always blown away time with her sexy moves and her perfectly matched stage outfits. She revealed that her weight is 50 kg, just a few months ago, five Kg more than what is shown on her profile. Actual height is 157 cm.

6. Bae Suzy

Suzy as her fans commonly knows her is a highly talented and a very beautiful South Korean singer. She is among the youngest cutest Korean girls, born in October 1994. Suzy has gone through a rough career as a singer, but her sexy figure and beautiful face have always made her journey easy. She is currently the leader of a popular k-pop girls band Miss A, which has grabbed attention from fans all across the globe and particularly in Japan. You will find her in short outfits throughout her shows and for this reasons, she comes to the top of the performance at all time. She is around 168 cm in height, but you can tell she is still growing since a few years back she was just 165 cm in height.

5. Ga-in

Ga-In was born on 20th September 1987, in South Korea. She is not just a well-known singer, but a celebrated Korean actress, and an entertainer being a member of Korean Pop music band called the Brown Eyed Girls. She has had several collaborations with other cute girls on this list, but still she has emerged to be the cutest with extraordinary talent. She is well known for her mannequin-like body, just 45kg (99 lb) in weight and 155 cm in height.

4. Ji-Yeon

Park Ji-Yeon is a South Korean Singer born on 7th of June 1993, and well known for her amazing beauty and great performance. Her real name is Balji yun and on this list she is the youngest, and even in her girl group T-ara, she is still the youngest but always the main dancer. Her voice texture and her ability to perform is so unique that her first single became so popular in China just a few years ago, and was the first Korean song to reach 99.5 scores. Her profile indicates that she is just 45 kg in weight and 5’ 5” in height, but she has revealed her actual body size to be a little higher than these measurements.

3. Hyuna

Hyuna was born on 6th of Jun, 1992 in South Korea. She is a singer, a dancer, a songwriter and a popular model. This cute girl can hold an entire stage performance all by herself. She is capable of enticing all her fans with her ideal moves and her gleaming skin. To cut the chase out, Hyuna has got looks and talents which is why she deserves to be on top of our list this year. She is just 50 kg in weight and 164 cm in height, with several tattoos on her body.

2. Nana

She is just 25 years and already been featured for the last few years as the cutest among Korean singers and actresses. She one among celebrities well known to have an extraordinarily beautiful voice, being a member of a girl group known as 'After school.' This lady is merely flawless in her music and dances, enough to rock and roll all night long. Nana is very talented, not only as a performer but also as a licensed makeup artist. She has acquired several awards as a singer and as a model. She recently revealed her tall and lean body measurement, 171 cm in height and 49kg in weight.

1. Yuri

Yuri is a beautiful and a great performer on any stage, and I won’t be wrong to say that she beats everyone on this list. She was born 5th of December, in 1989 in South Korea.She is not just a popular cute Korean singer but a celebrated actress. Among her great achievement in acting include a movie Breathing and the drama Fashion King and neighborhood. She has won several awards like New Star award, most popular actress in three consecutive years.


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