Top 10 Iphone 6/6s Screen Protectors 2016 Reviews

Screen protectors are essential for protecting your iPone 6 and also iPhone 6s in the case of accidents. Despite these devices equipped with a Gorilla glass which is ion-strengthened, the screen protectors serve to protect against heavy fall which the gorilla glass cannot sustain. Below are detailed reviews of the best screen protects that you should buy.

10. JETech Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector
This uniquely designred premium JETech Tempered Glass Screen Protector is designed to be scratch resistant up to 9H as its unique hardness makes it easier for this. In fact, this is believed to be harder than knife! It is designed in high quality in a way to withstand extreme hardness and efficiently safeguards the screen against scratches caused by sharp objects such as keys. It is premium thick with 0.3 mm thickness with rounded edges. Installation is quite easy and keeps your screen smudge-free and fingerprint free. Included in the retail package is a cleaning cloth and and tapered 1 pack glass. JETech Premium tampered Glass also has an easy one push installation making it very user friendly.

9. Ampiya X- Icare
ICAREZ screen consists of the hard coat and a unique laser cut and is capable of tolerating external. It provides a protective gear for the iPhone 6/6s against shocks and hits. This glass screen has 0.33 mm thickness and is 9H, scratch resistant and has Oleo phobic Coating that aids that avoids the formation of prints and smudges on the screen. Icarez screen is generally easily when it comes to installing and removing it and does not leave bubble residues. It also provides ideal touch sensitivity with minimal interference.

8. MouKou iPhone 6 Glass Screen Protector
This screen protector perfectly fits the screen whose inch measures 4.7 for both iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s. It is scratch resistant due to its hard coating, making it highly durable. The materials used to make the protector screen are made of durable materials and deliver High Definition clarity while preventing your phone from scratches, falls or scrapes.

7. Pure Shield Premium Screen Protector
The screen guard is created to reduce glare as well as resist fingerprints. It is specially designed for iPhone 6. It shields the screen from scrapes, dust, and also the usual indications of wearing out. It also has a self adhering surface for easier installation and leaves behind no marks when pilled off.

6. Aerb Tempered Protection
This 4.7 Inch Screen Protector is specially designed for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s and is very easy to install. It's designed with a unique anti-oil processing that helps keep fingerprints and oil on the screen at bay. To reduce shock during a fall, this layer of screen protector shatters itself and its designed smaller than the phone to avoid curved edges.

5. iEasye Premium Ballistic Nano
The unique feature about this screen protector is that it's made of Nano chemical materials with comfortable touch feeling and high sensitivity. The glass shield is shock proof, explosion proof, and anti-scratch and protects your iPhone 6/6s perfectly. iEasye guarantees user quality confidence ensuring durability of both your screen and your phone.

4. Tech Amor Apple iPhone 6 HYBRID Edge to Edge Ballistic Glass
It is uniquely designed to provide maximum protection to the iPhone 6 and also iPhone 6s against crash landings, drops, and scratches and is also crafted to cover your device screen edge to edge to ensure maximum protection from breakage. The protector is built to a thickness of 0.3 mm, and tests confirm compatibility with 3D Touch on all models of iPhone 6s.

3. IntelliGLASS HD Glass Screen Protector
IntelliGLASS HD is specifically designed for maximum touch sensitivity and transparency. With intelliGLASS, your iPhone 6/6s is fully protected against scratches. It comes with an advanced silicone adhesion that enables easy installation without leaving behind bubbles or permanent residues. This screen protector is rounded on the edges and covers the phone to the front preventing peeling off of the screen protector. IntelliGlass therefore boosts durability by offering full coverage.

2. Arktek Tempered Glass Screen Protector
The arktek screen protector is well designed with rounded edges with only 0.26mm thickness. It is made from quality AGC-Japanese Asahi Glass. It's the top quality protector screen and provides maximum clarity, best touchscreen precision and prevents your device from scratches caused by sharp objects or keys.

1. Otium Tempered Glass Screen Protector
Otium glass screen protector has a 4.7 inch and also includes a 1-Take EASY APPLICATOR for fast installation. The entire screen does not cover the ballistic glass because of the rounded design. This in turn ensures compatibility. This Otium Protector Glass protects your device against scratches and fingerprints traces while giving a HD clarity.


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