Top 10 Most Beautiful Korean Actresses In 2016

Korean film industry features among top rated beautiful actresses in the world. This write-up is a summary of the details of Korean Female Actresses and Hot Korean Girls high ranked globally. Today there are new movies in Korean Film Industry which play an important role in strengthening not only the Korean Film Industry but also the Country as a Whole. In this Industry there feature beautiful women/Korean Women who are highly talented.

10. Han Ye Seul

Han Ye Seul is a beautiful young actress who features in the Korean Film Industry. She was born in on 18th September 1981(age 35years) in Los Angeles, California in the United States and is 170cm (5ft. 6in.) tall. However, she is considered as an American born Korean Actress. She first appeared in Silver Screen in the year 2003 but since then has played significant roles in television dramas. Such television shows which she has featured include Birth of a Beauty (2014), Tazza and Couple or Trouble. She also featured in films such as Miss Gold Digger and Penny Pinchers in 2011. She studied her early education in Cerritos high school and graduated from Cerritos College and acquired certificate in Computer Graphics. In 2001, she won the award in SBS Super Model Competition. She quit her American nationality and became a Korean Citizen to join other actresses in the film industry.
Ranks : 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1


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  1. where is song ji hyo, she is a natural and universal beauty, her looks are natural model and dollike can't believe she isn't on the list

  2. What about yo in na or Kim go eun or yoo Jung or so many freaking more
    This is more like beautiful actresses in their 30s or most popular 🙄🙄🙄
    This list is shit bruv

  3. This Is not my Opinion it's my Decision about Skills, Beautiful and Talent about Korean Most beautiful Actress of all the time I will analyze them according to time and period not because of their Decades because nowdays many people they choose actress from mid of 2000s up to 2018 here I will bring the most beautiful and skilled actrAct of Koran drama. Let's Go and don't complain because I'm sure about this
    LEE YOUNG AE this is the most expensive and beautiful Korean acteAct ever.. drama Jewel in the Palace 2003_ 2004
    2.Jun Ji Hyun amazing skill in My SASSY GIRL MOVIE...the most successful and comedy movie ever
    3YANG MI KYUNG A beutbeaut Actress and a mother of Shim Eunkyung most beautiful despite being In 58 years she is still beautiful
    4.KIM SARANG A tall one cute and sexiest actress ... memorable movie LOVE OF SOUTH AND NORTH 2002
    5.CHOI JIWOO a mother of Sorrow, Hug and best lips with simple smile in WINTER SNOW and STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN a best Drama to relieve your stress
    6.BAE SUZY this is unbelievable a young actress to beat veteran actress but trust me Bae Suzy is cute and beautiful remarkable in her Drama DREAM HIGH that time I realised that no kpop singer can come near to her or any beautiful Actress...!
    7.SON YEJIN yees this is unbelievable but trust me Yejin is a goddess beautiful just remembered her in best Hit Movie the CLASSIC and summer scent then you won't complain
    8.PARK SHINHYE sometimes I didn't understand why people praised her but after watching her Dramas from Heartstring, You're beautiful The heirs and Hyong I realised the beauty inside with Talent.
    9.SONG HYEKYO speaking from my heart I am not a fan of her and I don't like her but when it comes to the beautiful she is wonderful also after watching few movies and drama of her I was very satisfied to pick her in the list ..anyway What happened in BALI It was great though..
    The last and the rest ...
    KIM TAEHEE one of my favourite Actress of all the time the most Actress I love and appreciate the most is KIM TAEHEE even though I couldn't watch many movies and drama of TaeHee but MY PRINCESS was a best comedy drama for me to laugh like crazy when I look her cheek bone and big lips with white teeth it's something special from Actress nowdays to have .. anyway there are most beautiful Actresses in Korean industry but These Actress are too much to denied that they are blessed to be Beautiful and Talented....CHALLENGE ME IF YOU CAN