10 Highest Paid Korean Actors In 2016

Korea is a vast industry when to come to drama and film industry. Very talented Korean actors, as well as Korean actresses, have boosted the entertainment industry in the country. In fact, this industry has produced some of the best actors in the Korea. Here is the list of top paid actors in 2016.

10. Ji Chang Wook 

He is a South Koran actor who is very popular throughout Korea. He got famous after the playing the leading role in the drama “serial smile again”. Moreover, he is one the most handsome actors in the country. Wook has played a role in popular serial dramas including Empress Ki, Baek Dong-soo, and Healer. For each episode, he charges $42,000. Ji Chang Wook, who is 29 years old, was born in July-5-1987 at Anyang, South Korea and he is 182 cm tall.
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  1. Is this in consideration of the talent fee for The K2. I heard he got a huge talent fee for that.