Top 10 Best Gaming Keyboards Reviews 2016

When looking or comparing the best top ten lists of gaming keyboards, the main thing on your mind is “Victory”. Though they may seem a bit outdated, the mechanical keyboard still plays a vital role in the world of gaming. Whether playing World of War (WOW), Call of Duty (CoD), Overwatch, Counterstrike, or any other, you should always pick the best. Go through our top ten reviews to find the best.

10. Cooler Master NovaTouch TKL
Though regarded as a typing keyboard because of missing macro keys and backlighting, the cooler Master NovaTouch is still a popular choice for gamers. It uses linear topre switches that boast efficiency, and its actuation force is similar to Cherry MX Reds. The NovaTouch TKL is compatible with Cherry MX keycaps and you can interchange the keys. Why not view the gaming keyboard at

9. Corsair Strafe RGB Silent
The Corsair Strafe RGB is regarded as among the most silent yet deadly keyboards in the market. It features Cherry’s MX key switch and a noise-dampening system that crates a serene and quite environment. To enhance the gaming experience, the keyboard emits little snapping sounds and rainbow colors during play. Learn more about the product via

8. Logitech G610
Though coming in a simple and basic design, the Logitech G610 usually features in many top ten reviews. The no-frills gaming keyboard offers good performance courtesy of its tactile response and user-friendly keys. It comes with height adjustment, custom key assignments, media controls, backlight personalization and many other features as can be seen at

7. Division Zero X40
The Division Zero X40 keyboard comes from Das which is famed for producing professional and top-of-the-range gaming keyboards. This is evident in the thick top covers, macro keys positioned on the side, and tactile keys that are found in the Zero X40. Additionally, the mechanical keyboard features Tailor-made Alpha-Zulu switches and interchangeable aluminum covers. Learn more at

6. Logitech G810
The Logitech G810 is a follow-up to the Orion Spark G910 mechanical keyboard which was quite successful. A notable improvement is the Romer G switches which make this cool keyboard fast and quite trendy. It comes with RGB backlighting and is compatible with both OSX and Windows. The low profile razer keyboard is much lighter than most keyboards in its class. Visit for a better understanding.

5. Turtle Beach Impact 700
Simplicity and compactness is what makes the Turtle beach Impact 700 feature in the best top ten lists. The mechanical keyboard features a numerical keypad and cherry MX switches though its keys aren’t programmable. It comes with extra keys (A, W, S, D and others) plus a tool for replacing the worn-out keys. More details on this item can be found at

4. Cherry MX Board 6.0
Regarded as Cherry’s flagship model, the MX Board 6.0 comes in a low but comfortable profile which minimizes wrist aches or fatigue. Fully made from metal, the gaming keyboard can withstand harsh and frequent use or accidental falls. The MX Red switches are situated beneath the keys and provide fast response time. You can find more information about the cool keyboard at

3. Razer Black Widow X Chroma
The Razer Black Widow X Chroma is commonly mentioned in top ten reviews. It bares resemblance to the Black Widow but is more responsive and features custom RBG lighting profiles. The use of aluminum chassis gives it a solid and heavy-duty appeal and is ideal for heavy gamers. offers more details.

2. Corsair K70 Rapidfire
At times regarded as the ultimate razer keyboard, the Corsair K70 Rapidfire is famed for its fast speed. This is credited to its fast-response and heightened keys that are triggered at the slightest touch of the keyboard. The board comes with the innovative linear MX Speed Switch which actuates at 1.2mm and has 45g of light actuation. Visit for more details.

1. Steel Series Apex M800
Topping our list of the best mechanical keyboards for gaming is the Steel Series Apex M800. The keyboard features macro keys which are highly-sensitive to touch and perfect for fast reactions. It comes with RGB lighting that offers the right illumination even in the dark. With an actuation force of 45cN and 1.5mm key travel, this cool keyboard may be what you have been looking for. Why not stop over at for a closer look.
There you have it -our review of the best gaming mechanical keyboards in 2016. Coming up with the winner wasn’t easy as they share many features and similarities. While one type may score well in regard to the features and accuracy, it may be beaten by another in regard to speed and response time. In addition to regularly featuring in most top ten reviews, these cool gaming keyboards are bound to offer you the ultimate gaming experience.


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