Top 3 Best Scientific Calculators in 2016 Reviews

To do a simple mathematical calculation of 12 times 12, you would need just a piece of paper or your memory power or at best a simple calculator. However, what if you have to calculate a mathematical function such as Cosine functions or Tangent functions? You will need a little more complex calculator called a scientific calculator. High-end calculators are also used to calculate financial functions where they are called financial calculators. Let us explore some of the best scientific calculators available in the market today.

3. Texas Instruments T.I-30XS Multi-View Scientific Calculator
Product Description:
The model TI-30XS is extremely useful for general math, algebra, pre-algebra, statistics, general science geometry, trigonometry etc. It has an easy-to-read LCD display that makes it suitable for school students. The product comes with color-coded keys, a hard plastic and comes with MATHPRINT entry as well as output mode that are meant for viewing the calculations in math notation. The toggle key in TI-30XS will allow you to change answers from exact to decimal approximation and vice versa. The model also comes with a function table as well as data/list editor. The battery of TI-30XS is powered with a solar cell assistance to lengthen its life.

• Intuitive to use and allows users to view multiple entry lines backward and recall previous inputs.
• The model features firm keys unlike TI-30X IIS.
• Users can control contrast of screen
• The model is lightweight and handy.

• There is no other color options on this model. It comes in Blue.
• The model is bulky and this makes it look untrendy.

2. Casio fx-115E.S PLUS Engineering/Scientific Calculator
Product Description:
This model from Casio features a natural textbook display and comes with improved math functionalities like fractions, statistics, complex number calculations, base arithmetic, linear regression, standard deviation, computer science, and polar-rectangular conversions. FX-115ES is designed for high school students. Other key features include the ability to review and edit entries. It comes with a solar powered battery back-up allowing for longer battery life. Model fx-115ES PLUS is one of the most advanced scientific calculators from Casio to date. The product has a dimensions of 3.15"H x 0.44"W x 6.38"L.

• The model displays answers in fraction form or decimal which allows easy switching between the two with the click of a button.
• fx-115ES PLUS allows solving simultaneous equations with multiple variables.
• Multiple functions at a highly economical price.
• Perfect display of digits
• The models shows up decimal results in fraction format.
• The buttons will wear off easily
• Lower battery life compared to other models.

1. HP 35s Scientific Calculator

Product Description:
The model HP 35s does both complex number and vector calculations. It also allows display of fractions. The model comes with approximately 30 kilobytes of memory and has over 800 memory registers. Apart from performing scientific and statistical functions, the model comes with a retro look and weighs 4.4 Oz. The input in this model is either Reverse Polish Notation (RPN) or algebraic infix notation.

• The model works in both RPN algebraic mode.
• Intuitive keypad and keys are strong.
• The model allows easy manipulation of complex numbers and vectors
• The model only has 26 single alphabet program labels and only 26 variables.
• Absence of scrolling comma separators.
• The display is old fashioned and glared.


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