6 Reasons Why You Should Play Pokemon Go

Since it was established in the month of July 2016, Pokemon go instantly attracted many people. Think a game which will bring old feelings for connoisseurs of the nineties game brought Pokemon to the original world. A game which avails augmented reality to bring the actual world to the Pokemon was introduced officially to the public in certain countries. There are some reason why you must play Pokemon go. Read the article and download the Pokemon go game. While playing you will understand the reasons to play Pokemon go game.

6. Not afraid quota out

Even though it takes the principle of online gaming, but this game loh saving quota. It is not like clash royale, the concept of online battle, this game Pokemon go require an internet connection to pull finding data. Hence do not annoy quotas broken.

5. Train strategy

With the restricted amount of pokeball you possess, you should make the strategy to avail it smartly. Pokeball do not avail over five times on the similar Pokemon,Did you wasted pokeball? If you get a rare Pokemon are strong, avail great ball mixed with fruit which Pokemon is not blurred.

4. Include friend

Keep in mind the character satoshi is a venture with the friends to hunt for special Pokemon. This character met large number of new friends on the way. If you play Pokemon go, still contain an opportunity to meet several other new people at the mall or on the street. You can also compete with new people in the gym. For people who are singles, dating applications require not go again if you like to play Pokemon go.

3. Memory training

Presently there are 138 kinds of pokemon you can find at the game. Amazingly when menugumpulkan the Pokemon in which you can study to remember the names. After knowing the names necessarily, the next challenge is to memorize the Pokemon name after evolving. If you can be able to memorize 138 Pokemon names, fix you possess a good memory.

2. Create you remain healthy

If you receive the egg of pokestop,you contain a necessary work to create it hatch. The method to incubate egg in the game is to keep in to the incubator you possess. But the work does not end there; you want to walk many kilometers to receive menetaskannya. You understand it performs, the more you want to walk to incubate Pokemon egg, the higher the opportunity you receive Pokemon cool. The more healthy the body due to the reason it run on. It is also useful for your weight loss goal. You need not want to use any tablets or other supplements.

1. Make you highly smart

Simply as in the film pokestop Pokemon, this game is beneficial to provide you the necessary products like potion, pokeball, and incubator, revive to egg. In reality, pokestop you can see around you. Can you imagine that if pokestop in the game Pokemon go can do you very intelligent? Due to the reason pokestop will say you the names of the buildings or areas which previously you never understand. You always find a statue or a construction but do not understand his name, you can check out the name pokestop in a easy way. It is not simply fun and wheedles, you must consider precautions when allowing a digital service understand the actual world place. Few of its normal sense: It is good not to stop in the mid of the street to capture a nonexistent monster. The game is structured hence you possess time to see at the phone safely. At the public areas, be careful of your locations. Police have reported Pokemon associated muggings. Most of the time at gym there are lot of teenagers move carefully from the unusual, male player. Be careful of strangers playing the game. As for the digital protection, remember that ninetendo and Niantic gather certain personal information, like IP address and your place, while availing the app. If you register your name for the game, the best bet is the Google account, offered the present instability of the registration. In the earlier days, an app mistake created iPhone users to unintentionally sanction full account availability to Niantic when getting in to the Google account, but that issue was patched.


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