5 Features Of Iphone 7 and 7 plus That Will Beat Other Smartphones

Apple has just released the newest kid on the block of Smartphones which is iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, right now if you log on to social media platforms, you will realize that the Internet has gone viral as everyone is talking about the incredible features that iPhone 7 and 7 Plus comes with.
Below are 5 Features of iPhone 7 and 7plus that will beat other smartphones in the market.

5. Stunning Camera

It is true that Apple has given attention to every detail while designing the camera of iphone7 and 7 plus. The phone has come with an advanced camera resolution that is far much better than the recently released Samsung Galaxy s7 edge by Samsung company and Huawei P9.The 7plus model has come with a powerful dual lens camera a great feature that is making it stand out from other smartphones. The invention of this device is a great deal to filmmakers as they can shoot clear videos and edit at the same time while on the gadget a feature that is not found on other androids. The front camera is now upgraded from 5mp to 7 MP. The camera allows low-light capturing and takes clearer and sharper photos than the earlier versions.The duo camera isn’t a new thing in the smartphone world, but it’s more updated than any other superior phone in the market. During the launch, Apple C.E.O said that the iPhone 7 has a faster sensor of 60%, and 7plus has two sensors.

4. Built-in storage

While both Samsung Galaxy S7 edge and Huawei P9 have a built –in Memory of 32gb. The iPhone 7 and 7 plus internal storage is starting from 32GB 128GB to 256 GB this is a superb feature that will allow the phone users to keep large files from soft copy documents, videos & pictures to games and so on. This incredible feature has made this device to be the best device we are having in the world of smartphones.

3. No headphone Jack

It's without a doubt that Apple wanted to remain relevant in the smartphones market and withstand competition as well by delivering a unique product but will meet consumers needs. While all other existing Android phones, Galaxy Notes, and ios have a headphone jack, the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus came with headphone jack removed. It has come with earphones that will be fitted in the lighting port that is used for files transfer and charging using a USB type. The digital audio port is believed to bring about noise cancellation, and the lovers of music can now listen to cool, clear n soothing music using the Earpods or better still via the wireless Apple air pods which are powered by a WI chip. The high sensors detect when the air pod is in your ear. More so the motion sensors control air pods to use Siri services and identify your voice. Additionally, the pods can connect to Apple watches, iPad, and laptops.

2. Stereo Types Speakers

Unlike other smartphones, the iphone7 has come with stereotypes speakers that are placed at the bottom and top of the iPhone. An incredible feature that is not found in any other smartphone hence making the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus the coolest sounding iPhone ever that Apple company is boasting of.

1. Extended Battery Life

The apple company has brought about a great relieve to its users by extending the battery life with 2 hours more than iPhone 6s and 1 hour more in the advanced model of 7 plus from iPhone 6plus battery. You will witness a higher performance of iPhone 7 and 7plus as compared with other existing Apple devices. As its powered by A10 Fusion processor that is equipped with 4cores.The two are higher performance core, and the other two cores are power efficient. The Apple noted that the iPhone 7 and 7plus offers better performance and better battery life. Additionally, the device comes with 6 core graphics processors which allow 50% more performance in comparison to A9 inside the known iPhone 6S this proves that iPhone 7 and 7plus is far much better and has more improved features than the earlier versions of Apple products that are iPhone 6S and 6Plus.
For sure the smartphone market is much saturated now than ever before, and the launch of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7plus may be seen as a threat to other Apple competitors like Samsung and Huawei and so on. If you have been thinking of upgrading your smartphone to a new one, then this is the best smartphone currently in the market that has come with great features, a variety of cool colors and a great design.


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