Top 10 Richest Actors In The World 2016-2017

There are different kinds of actors including drama, stage, season, play and movie actors. But based on the new generation and trends among the most famous and popular are cinema actors that do different characters such as a thriller, comedian, action, romance and several others to entertain the people. The stars in cinema industries are not restricted to a specific country but they are still popular in the world. These people create a big number of fans in various countries of the universe. Now you can view the top ten riches actors in the world and their net worth.

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10. Adam Richard Sandler Networth $ 340 million

He is an American producer, actor, musician, comedian and screenwriter. Adam richer begins his work from comedy show and obtains an entry to Hollywood. He is popular for the comedy roles and his successful films are the waterboy, billy Madison etc. His net worth is about 340 million dollar that creates him the tenth richest star in the world.

9. Clint Eastwood Networth $ 370 million

He is an American movie actor, producer, musician, director, and also a politician. He is popular for his direction and Clint got academy awards for the best picture, director and nomination for the best actor. The famous films are play misty for me, every which way but lost etc. By having 370 million dollars net worth Clint is the richest movie star in the world.

8. Bill Cosby Networth $ 380 million

Cosby is an actor, author and comedian. He begins his work from stand up comedy. He has performed drama and comedy roles and turned to movie acting in the career. By having a net worth of 380 million dollars bill Cosby is the eighth richest film star in the universe.

7. Tom Hanks Networth $ 390 million

Thomas Tom Hanks is a film director and actor. He is a successful and famous actor. He obtained lot of awards like academy award, golden globe award, people’s choice award etc. With net worth 390 million dollars, tom hank is the seventh richest actor.

6. Tom Cruise Networth $ 400 million

Tom cruise is also called as Thomas cruise mapother,is a dashing and smart American movie maker and actor. He begins his work at a small age of nineteen in a movie endless love. His popular films are far and away, mission impossible and cocktail. He contains a net worth of four hundred million dollars that creates him the sixth richest star in the earth.

5. Tyler Perry Networth $ 400 million

Perry is a producer, actor, screenwriter, director, author, play writer and songwriter. He is a stylish man; begin the career from making and writing stage shows. He is the maker of several best shows; the well known show is house of Payne. His net worth is about four hundred million dollar makes him as the fifth richest actor.

4. Johnny Depp Networth $ 450 million

Johnny Depp is also called as john Christopher, is an actor, musician and producer. He is a supporting actor in the initial stage and today he is considered as a multi talented actor. Johnny Depp has won the screen actors guil award, golden globe award. His famous films are Charlie,pirates of Caribbean,alice in wonderful and the chocolate factory. The net worth of Johnny is about 450 million dollars and he is the fourth riches movie star in the earth.

3. Jack Nicholson Networth $ 480 million

He is an American director and actor, possess a big talent in all kinds of performance including action, comedy, romance, supporting roles etc. His best films are five easy pieces, easy rider, the passenger, china town batman etc. John’s net worth of 480million dollars makes him as the third richest film actor in the world.

2. Shahrukh Khan Networth $ 600 million

He is also called as king khan, is a stylish actor. He maintains the position and standard for a long time. Sharukh’s popular film are kabhi khushi kabhi ghum, dilwale dulhanya lejayenge,Chennai express. King Khan is the second riches actor by having a net worth of about six hundred million dollars.

1. Jerry Seinfeld Networth $ 820 million

Jerry is a highest paid actor, comedian, producer and writer. He is famous for the co-writing and co-creation of seasons. Jerry is a creator and host of the world wide series comedian in cars obtaining coffee. He is the richest actor among all other actors having a net worth of 820 million dollars.


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