Top 10 Richest Boxers In The World 2016-2017

Boxing is a famous sport in several areas of the world. Boxing is regarded a tough game and the popular boxers command a big following among the boxing lovers. Boxers make hard money in dollars by winning the matches in that the investors drive in a substantial amount of capital as well as bagging approving for international firms who employ them to promote their goods. Actually, such as other famous game, the best in the boxing business can number in the list of rich boxers. Most of the boxers through the good quality of the boxing talents rake in huge money and turn as multi millionaires. Boxing such as soccer has made lot of incredibly rich sports individuals all over the world.

10. Bernard Hopkins ($40 Million)

He is the middle weight and heavy weight sports person. He has won 51 out of 59 matches. Bernard Hopkins network is about forty million dollars and considered as the rich boxers in the world.

9. Marvin haggler ($45 Million)

Marvin is the middle weight champion, won the titles fighter of the defence and fighter of that year. He numbered in the international boxing hall of celebrity. He is also one of the rich boxers by having a net worth of forty five million dollars.

8. Muhammad ali ($50 Million)

He is a famous boxer and requires no introduction. He won plenty of championships like part time athletic junior title. Presently though older and also keep the arena for a long time , but the names of Ali still frequently known as a living monument of the boxing world village.Ali is a social activist and Muhammad Ali’s net worth is fifty million dollars that creates him of the wealthy boxers in the world.

7. Vitali klitschko ($65 Million)

He has been nicknamed Dr ironfist by his crazy fans. Vitali has large number of championships to the name. Vitali’s net worth is about sixty five million dollars and gets his place in the richest boxers in the universe.

6. Sugar ray Leonard ($120 Million)

Sugar ray features among the rich boxers. Leonard is the beneficiary of the boxer of time period of ten years title for the 1980’s.After retirement he moved to motivational lectures and is today a good motivational speaker. The net work of sugar ray Leonard is 120 million dollars.

5. Lennox Lewis ($130 Million)

Lewis was a winner of gold medal at the 1988 Olympics. Lennox is a British Canadian boxer. He won 41 of 44 bouts. He is the former heavy weight champion. He is a boxer, actor and lennox’s net worth is 130 million dollars.

4. Oscar de la hoya ($200 Million)

Oscar de is an American boxer; he won a gold medal at the Olympic Games held at Barcelona in the year 1992. He is asuperstar in the pop culture group by being a ex boxer. He gets a place in the rich boxers list by virtue of great net worth of two hundred million dollar.

3. Manny pacquiao ($200 Million)

Manny is a specialized boxer. His native is Philippines. He has won titles in seven weight courses and is the one to have attained the rare feat. He has won 54 out of 60 matches and contains two match draw. His net value is over than two hundred million dollars that creates the multi millionaire boxer amount in the world’s rich boxers.

2. George foreman ($250 Million)

George is recalled as the young boxer who defeated the Joe Frazier in 1974.He earned 137 million dollars after his retirement by empowering a home appliance production company called Russell Hobbs inc., to avail the name for the appliance known as George foreman grill. George foreman became the spokesperson. George is an entrepreneur, author and religion minister. He is said to get earned very high like two hundred million dollars by backing the Russell hobbs inc, and is rich to be mentioned second in the rich boxers list in the world with a earning worth of 250 million dollars.

1. Floyd mayweather Jr. ($380 Million)

Floyd has won an extraordinary six championships in 5 weight classes. Floyd is the highest paid one and is an American boxing superstar. He earned 105 million dollars in the year 2013 and based on Forbes magazine, this created Floyd the highest paid sportsperson in the world. His net value is 380 million dollars. He tops in the richest boxers list in the world. These boxers top boxers, famous and the wealthy boxers in the world.


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