Top 10 Highest Paid TV Actors 2016-2017

Forbes very recently unveiled its TV top paid actors list for the year 2016. CBS was ranked as the most watched TV broadcast network. Therefore, it is hardly shocking that its top stars have taken the top 4 positions in this list. Well, without further ado let us now take a closer look at the top 10 highest paid TV actors 2016 – 2017.

10. Eric Stonestreet (net worth - $23 million)

Eric Stonestreet rounds up this list at the 10th position. He is most famously known for his role as Cameron Tucker in the hit ABC comedy 'Modern Family.’ Stonestreet registered top earnings of $11 million for the year 2016. He currently receives a salary of $190,000 for each episode he stars in.

9. Ed O’Neill (net worth - $65 million)

Ed O’Neill is a renowned actor who has taken a wide variety of roles in both the big screen and TV shows over his long career. Currently he plays the role of Jay Pritchett in ABC’s hit comedy 'Modern Family.’ Prior to embarking on his acting career, O’ Neill was a successful college football player. He was even recruited by the Pittsburg Steelers, but failed to make it past training. According to Forbes, this TV actor earned $11.5 million this year. He enjoys a lucrative salary of $200,000 per episode.

8. Ray Romano (net worth - $130 million)

Ray Romano takes the 8th position in this list. He is universally renowned for his role in the sitcom 'Everybody Loves Raymond.’ During his long and eventful career, he has dabbled in standup comedy and even writing. His last recent project that he worked on has taking the role of Joe Tranelli in the TNT hit comedic drama 'Men of A Certain Age.’ At the same time, he happens to be its co-creator and show-runner. The show revolves around 3 men who are friends, but struggling with the realities of the midlife crisis. Romano is the richest TV actor featured in this highest paid TV actors review with the above listed net worth. He was able to earn $12 million this year alone.

7. Nathan Fillion (net worth - $18 million)

Nathan Fillion is a Canadian-born TV actor who is famous for his titular role as Richard Castle in the ABS hit show 'Castle.’ He managed to earn $12 million in the year 2016, and currently receives a generous TV actor salary of $100,000 for each episode he shoots.

6. Ty Burrel (net worth - $26 million)

Ty Burrel is a US actor and comedian who is well known for his role as Phil Dunphy in the ABC hit comedy series 'Modern Family.’ According to Forbes, he was able to earn $12.5 million this year alone. He enjoys a lucrative salary of $ 190,000 per episode. Besides his commercial success, Burrel has also garnered plenty of critical acclaim. He has been nominated 5 different times for the Emmy Award and has managed to win on two occasions.

5. Mark Hammon (net worth - $40 million)

Mark Hammon takes the 5th spot in this top paid TV actors 2016 list with earnings of $20 million. This is mainly thanks to his leading role as Leroy Jethro Gibbs in the 3rd most watched TV show in the US 'NCIS.’ He receives a handsome salary of $500,000 for each episode he shoots.

4. Kunal Nayyar (net worth - $45 million)

Kunal Nayyar is an UK-born Indian television actor and writer. He is best known for role in CBS hit sitcom 'The Big Bang Theory’, where he depicts the character of Rajesh Koothrappali. Nayyar managed to make $22 million this year and currently earns a respectable salary of $800,000 per episode.

3. Simon Helberg (net worth $45 million)

Simon Helberg acts the role of Howard Wolowitz in CBS’s 'The Big Bang Theory’, which has over the years made him a household name. He has earned $22.5 million this year alone, which places him at the 3rd position on this TV highest paid actor list. Helberg currently receives a salary of $800,000 for each episode he shoots.

2. Johnny Galecki (net worth - $50 million)

Johnny Galecki is a Belgian-born TV actor who became famous for his role as Leonard Hotstadter in the hit CBS sitcom 'The Big Bang Theory’. He features in this top paid actors at the runners-up spot by managing to earn $24 million in 2016. His current salary per episode stands at a cool $1 million.

1. Jim Parsons (net worth $70 million)

Jim Parsons is the most paid actor for this year. He made a very respectable $25.5 million for his role of 'geeky’ Sheldon Cooper in CBS’ sitcom 'The Big Bang Theory.’ At the moment he earns a fantastic salary of $1 million per episode.


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