Top 10 Richest Rock Stars 2016-2017

Rock stars are arrogant powerful part in the music industry; because they think a strong part in offering best music to the fans and music important others. This field has extra offered them greater bearer change with the money associated soundness. The rock stars that are listed are among the best workers and are very popular for the flexible skills. They are the most famous among music lovers and they are the pulse of people.

10. Gene Simmons (Net worth: $300 million)

Simmons is the richest rock star who has taken highest fame in the small bearer. He possesses complete assets of three million dollars and is called as the demon. Simmons is the rickets craftsman of America and he is a co-lead vocalist and bass guitarist. He has a famous rock band kiss which was introduced in the year 1970. The band is popular for providing about hundred million albums.

9. Sting (Net worth: $300 million)

He is a British musician and provider who have taken up a assets of three hundred million dollars. He is an individual from a famous band, the police. He is also very famous solo rock star. He joined the band in 1977 and has successfully sold hundred million of record completely and has made terrible wage. The band team obtain six Grammy awards included to the potential repertoire which were achieved amid 1978 to 1083.

8. Bon jovi (Net worth: $300 million)

He is a musician in America who contains complete assets of up to three million dollars. This band possesses a record providing of one twenty million albums recently and contains a famous band namesake band. Apart from these, they have also launched thirteen studios albums for their fans and music enthusiasts. The album slippery when wet is established by RIAA and is the best album in the music market.

7. Ringo starr (Net worth: $300 million)

Ringo starr is the powerful people from Beatles from 1962 and he is among the most famous musician in Britain. The whole assets of ringo starr is about three hundred million dollars. Tingo is an eccentric drumming style rock star who has properly launched fifteen studio albums. He has more music fans and you can see their excitement on the stage.

6. Bjorn (Net worth: $300 million)

He is a Swedish essayist, author, song writer, musician and producer who possess total assets of three million dollars and is organizer of ABBA team. Bjorn is further popular for the famous movie mama mia and a reasonable friend of Benny Anderson. He conducted many concerts, has more fans till now in the music world.

5. Keith Richards (Net worth: $340 million)

Keith is a famous craftsman who has chosen up fame and salary from the various probabilities which he has performed in singing, song writing, and guitar and has made different films. The total assets are about 340 million dollars and this explains his potential and adaptability as being multitalented rock star. He is the best owner of the rolling stones music band and is a company with the youth companion mick in the band.

4. Mick Jagger (Net worth: $360 million)

Next fruitful craftsman, who has made good wage from the ability and singing method, mick is a singer, English musician, adaptable song writer and record maker. The total assets of mick Jagger are about 360 million dollars and he is an influencer rock star from latest years. In 2003, he received the knighthood from Queen Elizabeth.

3. Elton (Net worth: $450 million)

He is a British musician, profoundly skilled and flexible craftsman who has made total assets of four hundred fifty million dollar. At three years old, he needed to play piano and this explained his love for music. The first album of Elton was launched in the year 1969 called void sky which was strike of now is the perfect time. He also introduced 7 albums which topped various diagrams. He sees himself able to provide up to three million records and as raised greater popularity.

2. Bono (Net worth: $600 million)

He is an Irish craftsman popular for the flexible music and the rock band U2 for offering best music to muscle enthusiasts. He contains complete assets of six hundred million dollar and has perfectly sold various one fifty million records and twelve albums.

1. Paul McCartney (Net worth: $1.2 billion)

The whole asset of Paul is 1.2 billion dollars and is one of the richest rock stars. Paul is a powerful author of famous English rock band, the Beatles. He is the best performer and writer for the people of all the time and sold up top sixty gold plates, hundred million albums and hundred million singles.


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