Top 10 Richest American Idol Winners

American Idol is the one which has got Swan song as that of the last season. The ones who have performed in this reality show have turned out to be successful as performance artists. The very successful musical artists of the decade have started with the performances in the American Idol for bringing a huge change in their life. Here are some of the richest American Idol contestants of the year 2016.

10. Kellie Pickler : Net Worth $5 Million 

Kellie is a singer and has got the 6th spot during 10th season of American Idol. She has released about 4 studio albums for general success and also appeared in dancing along with the stars in the year 2013. She has spent most of the time in touring for performances, or recording and also spends her extra time in helping kids and various orphanages. She is somebody with a great social commitment and have got 25000 dollars raised in USO charity.

9. David Cook : Net Worth $5 Million

He is the winner of 7th season of American Idol and he really made use of the fame and the exposure he has got. He started releasing albums and breaking records in no time. Cook has got 4 albums released among which the latest one was released in the year of 2015. The albums have broken records of 4 billboards with the sales. He even has worked with the myriad of the artists as guest star which has helped in making millions. He also has got a very personal life and got married to Racheal Stump who was his girlfriend for longer time frame in the year of 2015.

8. Katharine McPhee: Net Worth $6 Million 

She is the American Idol contestant who has got fame more than from the stage performance. She was the runner up in the American Idol season 5. She is a singer and had all the aura to attract so many people which made her choose a musical career in the beginning. Her impressive album performances helped her to get chances in TV series and she has even acted in a popular web series.

7. Clay Aiken : Net Worth $7 Million

This American Idol contestant has got all that in him for being musical, political and social figure. He was the runner up for the American Idol season 2. He is one of the artists who was labeled as Christian musician and he is one among those who have accepted as gay openly, two years after his son was born. He also won democratic nomination for congress of North Carolina and is also there in cinching general election. He also is a great performer in theater. He has dedicated himself to work on LGBT acceptance and also charities for HIV or AIDS.

6. Jordin Sparks: Net Worth $10 Million

She is the daughter of NFL player and also winner of American Idol season 6 and has really made good amount of money. She has got an album with her name to get platinum certificate. She has suffered from pneumonia and also vocal cord hemorrhaging which could have resulted in the end of the career. She has returned to singing even after that. She has also showed her skills in acting.

5. Chris Daughtry: Net Worth $10 Million

This band came top ten in season 5 of American Idol which has helped them reach the heights of their career. They have got certified as quadruple platinum for the album released in their name. The band is working on new songs and albums.

4. Adam Lambert: Net Worth $16 Million

Lambert is the most popular male pop singer. He is the one who lives the childhood creams which can be there till 2016. He is the one who has got extreme fashion sensibilities and has maintained massive stage presence in the world of music and also in many theater roles. He has also dedicated himself for raising money for the intitiaves of clean water.

3. Jennifer Hudson: Net Worth $20 Million

She is not the winner of American Idol season 3 but it was a win for her career. She has got Grammy, SAG award Golden Globe and even Oscar. She is talented as actor and also as singer.

2. Kelly Clarkson: Net Worth $28 Million

She is the first winner of American Idol series. She has got many albums and amazing songs that were great. She even had won Emmy awards. She had used her voice to bed genres and pair with people from various genres.

1. Carrie Underwood: Net Worth $75 Million

She is the winner of American Idol fourth season. She was a country singer and the exposure she got made her enter the pop world and earn Emmy awards and numerous other music awards. She is also much into animal rights protection activities.


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