Top 10 Richest Models in 2016-2017

Models are the road to success, or failure, for any company, which chooses to promote their products or services through them. The flare of the female makes her a fashion icon and an idol to follow and pursue, for thousands of followers.
We have narrowed down the most flamboyant, and highest paid models for the year 2016-17, which makes them different from others.

10. Milla Jovovich 

Networth : $36 million

Milla is a Ukranian-born model and has acted in many sci-fi movies and flicks. Milla Jovovich net worth is at $36 million. She was the prime model in over 80 magazines, including the likes of Vogue, Glamour, Cosmo etc. Other marketing campaigns include companies like Christian Dior, Calvin Klein, Revlon and many more. Her film career includes many big budget blockbusters like “Resident Evil”, “The Fifth Element” and others.

9. Elle Macpherson

Networth : $45 million

She has been a known face in the marketing industry. She has not only sky-rocketed her name in the modelling industry, she has also done very well in the business line as well. She had launched a lingerie brand back in 1990, which goes by the name, Intimates. Her other business ventures include investments in workout gear, skin care products, beauty products and clothing lines. Elle is more than 50 years old now, and currently produces Britain’s Next Top Model. Her net worth during 2016 stood at $45 million.

8. Adriana Lima

Networth : $65 million

This Brazilian supermodel was born in 1981 in Salvador. Since 2000, she was elected as the cover girl for the famed magazine, Victoria’s Secret. She was also coveted as the Sexiest Model of the World. She also made the cover of the GQ magazine in 2006. She was also proclaimed as “World’s Most Voluptuous Virgin” by the same magazine. Her networth stands at a whopping $65 million.

7. Heidi Klum

Networth : $70 million

She is an American-German model, with additional interests in the business and show-hosting. She has an estimated turnover of $70 million. Her career has been the most sought after, since Heidi started shooting for Sports Illustrated Series. She was later on indicted in the Victoria’s Secret angels, H & M, McDonalds, VW amongst others. Her modelling career propelled her film career as well, with roles in movies like, Ella Enchanted, The Devil Wears Prada and TV shows like Sex & The City, How I Met Your Mother etc.

6. Kate Moss 

Networth : $75 million

Her networth valued at $75 million, Kate Moss doesn’t seem to stop, even at 42. She was a known face for the size zero figures and is a contributing editor for the mag, British Vogue. Her partnership with CK, gave her the launchpad to become a fashion icon.

5. Christie Brinkley

Networth : $80 million

She is the most famous cover girl in the magazine industry. With over 500 cover pictures, she surely is a name to bank upon. Her popularity accredited her with a fat $80 million pay-check, with her pictures been clicked all over.

4. Tyra Banks 

Networth : $90 million

Tyra Banks net worth stands at $90 million. She was the first ever African American model to be featured on the cover-page of GQ magazine. She gained her name at a young age of 17. She is now hosting America’s Next Top Model, and her very own talk show, Bankable. Apart from these, she has grabbed many top endorsement deals which earns her a steady income throughout the year.

3. Cindy Crawford

Networth : $100 million

Crawford was a household name, back in the 80s and 90s. Her endorsement roles in Pepsi and Clairol, earned her a fat pay-check, enough to set her up for the modelling career ahead. She started designing furniture with HM Richards and JCPenney. Moreover, she has business lines including jewelry, fashion and skin care products. Her career has earned her a mind-boggling $100 million.

2. Gisele Bundchen

Networth : $350 million

Gisele is the most famous Victoria’s Secret Angels. She featured in many advertisements, some film appearances and some other products. Her real claim to fame was the introduction of Ipanema Line of flip-flops, which upturned her career. Her prominence and slick body made her a regular feature in Victoria’s Secret magazine. Her net worth stands at a massive $350 million.

1. Kathy Ireland

Networth : $352 million

Even Gisele couldn’t make it to the top, with Kathy Ireland taking the numero uno spot. Kathy is not a known face in the modelling industry, but drove to the top of this list, with her retail line, Kathy Ireland Worldwide. The products include furniture and clothing, alongwith investments in socks and wigs. Her modelling career’s most coveted presence was being featured in Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition. The net worth stands at a freaking $352 million.


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