Top 10 Young Korean Actresses in 2017

South Korea is a country which is totally talented particularly youngest actress for 2017. They are young actress and also talented that creates them popular in their career. See the list of the top ten youngest actresses in 2017 and their biography and their success.

10. Moon Geun-young

She was born on 6th may in the year 1987.Now she is 29. Moon started modelling at ten, created her acting debut in the year 1999. By 2008, she turned out to be the recipient of a grand prize that moon won for the drama painter.Moon donated near to 100 million to Morning Reading that is a non-profit business that advertises reading through books. She provided 3 million in 2005,4 million in 2006, and also 70 million in 2007.

9. Kim So-eun

Kim was born on September 6th 1989, now 27 is a South Korean actress. She started her debut with a small role in the 2004 movie called two guys. She started her career while Kim was in junior high school.

8. Park Shin-hye

Park shin was born February 18th in the year 1990. Now park shin is 26. She is a singer, actress and model. She began her professional in the drama in the year 2003. She got acclaim for the prominent roles in the dramas you are beautiful in the year 2009.

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7. Park Bo-young

Park was born February 12th 1990. She is best popular for the roles in the famous movies scandal makers in the year 2008. She is even popular for the natural beauty. Now park bo young is 26. Her short film got challenging reality award in the year 2005.She also seemed in a short movie named Equal in 2005 while she was in middle school. This short movie won Exciting Award at the 7th Seoul International Youth Movie Festival in 2005.

6. Shin Se-kyung

She was born on 29 July in the year 1990. When shin was young, she appeared on a seo taiji album cover.In the personal life, she dated a popular member in a boy band. After 9 months they broke up in the year 2011 because of their busy lifestyle. Now her age is 26.

5. Jo Bo-ah

Jo was born august 22nd in the year 1991. She done leading roles in 2012 in shut up flower boy troop. She started her first movie in 2014 like a seductive and troubled manager in innocent thing. She has been dating on joo when they met on the idle mermaid set. Now she is 25.

4. Krystal Jung

She was born in the year 1994, on 24th October. Krystal is an American actress and singer based on South Korea. She started her career in the year 2009 like a member of girl group in South Korea. She has participated further in S.M entertainments work group The ballad. Krystal joined in different TV dramas like the heirs, high kick 3 and my lovely girl. She was considered to in relationship with a member of labelmate boy called Kai, in a EXO group. Today her age is 22.

3. Kim Yoo-jung

Kim was born September 22nd in the year 1999.She is a model, actress and host. Her debut started in the year 2003 and became one of the popular child actress. She was studying in a fifth grade, she appeared in thirteen Television dramas and fifteen films. In the year 2014, her performance like a teenage bully drew critical praise. In the year 2015, she acted in the series angry mom, in 2016; she acted in the youth drama known as love in the moonlight. Now she is 18.

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2. Kim So-hyun

Kim hyun was on June 4th 1999, now she is 18.She is a model, actress and host. She started her professional when she was 7 years old like a child actress. In the year 2012, she become popular in a fantasy time drams called moon embracing the sun. She starred in a movie called pure love in the year 2016 as Jung soo ok, a lady who thought of becoming a radio RJ.

1. Kim Sae-ron

She was born in the year 2000, July 31st. She is the youngest one, started her acting when she was 8. She became a famous child actress, when she attained her 18, she was acted in more prominent roles like in a girl at my door. This talented young girl starred in TV drama series also. Few of her films like may you hear my heart, school love on and the queen’s classroom. In 2017 she is 17 years old.


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