Top 15 Most Powerful Guns In The World 2017

A gun is a weapon that discharges a firearm when the gunpowder in the gun’s chamber is ignited by a spark, resulting in sufficient energy to ensure the projectile forces itself via the barrel. Sophisticated guns are, to some extent, complex in their functionality. However, they share the same essence as guns from the past as far as firing a shot or bullet is concerned. Let’s take a look at the top 15 guns of 2017.

15. Marlin BFR

The Marlin Big Frame Revolver (BFR) is an over-built massive handgun that can fire the biggest possible rounds. The tool is capable of shooting a huge 350-grain bullet at a speed of approximately 1800 feet per second.

14. M1911

The M1911 Browning Pistol is a gun capable of ensuring unmistakable precision, with the added ability to affix a silencer that makes the handgun more mysterious. It’s among the dangerous guns around ever.

13. Glock .45

The Glock .45 is used by military forces as a side arm, supplementing machine guns whenever they run out of ammunition. Compared to most other guns on this list, the Glock .45 is ergonomically designed and lightweight, which makes it much easy to handle.

12. Desert Eagle

The Desert Eagle, as the name suggests, is designed to look like an eagle, especially if you note the gun’s curved edge and distinctive handle. The gun is extremely powerful, requiring a strong arm for withstanding the powerful blowback post every energized .50 caliber round shot.

11. Smith & Wesson .45

The Smith & Wesson .45 is a modern take on the yesteryear cowboy revolver. Unlike the older gun, however, the Smith & Wesson comes in a range of options. The variety also extends to the calibers, with extra accessories and gadgets also on offer.

10. HK416

The HK416 by Heckler and Koch is an improved and fresh version of the company’s prior iterations. The gun is capable enough in all climatic conditions. For instance, there is a unique winter trigger guard feature that allows using the gun with gloves on.

9. HK MG4

The HK MG4 belongs to the same family of guns that comprises the AK-47. Different guns have their own positives and negatives, and the HK MG4 is known for its sheer power. In fact, the firepower on offer is so enormous, the gun is a complete package.

8. MG3

The MG3 is a deadly machine gun that can be often seen used in huge conflict zones. In fact, the MG3’s design was derived from the MG 42, which is a machine gun from the Second World War era. The gun was first introduced in 1968 and saw production in the same year.

7. AS50

The AS50 sniper rifle is capable of firing five rounds in less than 2 seconds, which is the fastest firing rate for any modern-day gun. Despite being fairly large in size, it’s easy to be disguised or hidden inside a jacket. The AS50 is more of a futuristic rifle, which can be used with both regular and cutting-edge explosive rounds.

6. AK-47 Kalashnikov

The Kalashnikov AK-47 is a gun that even someone who doesn’t know anything about guns would have heard of. The AK-47 has a striking appearance and perhaps used the most on a global scale. Even when not active, the mere sight of this gun can invoke chills going down one’s spine.

5. Thompson M1921

The Thompson M1921 is a sub-machine gun designed by John T. Thompson during the early 1900s. The gun is almost 11 pounds heavy and is considered the most lethal gun around. Not to mention, the gun has an impressive 600-725 rpm fire rate.

4. FN F2000

The FN F2000 is a more recent invention, which was first introduced officially in March 2011 at Abu Dhabi’s IDEX defence exhibition. The gun has a modular design and a 500 m fire range. It’s fast and quick to respond to trigger.

3. Uzi Sub

The Uzi sub-machine gun is a downsized version of traditional machine guns, offering the same functionality and power of a machine gun in a smaller package. This makes the gun much easier to carry around and conceal.

2. XM307

The XM307 is a powerful machine gun that can fire 250 rounds each minute from a maximum distance of 2000 meters. The gun is so powerful it can demolish vehicles, lightly armored helicopters, etc. in no time. This is why several countries around the world make this gun.

1. DSR 50 Tracking Point

The DSR 50 is the most powerful gun on this list. It’s a sniper rifle that’s capable of effecting large-scale damage and destruction. The popularity and sheer power of this gun has encouraged manufacturers to make several variants of this gun. The gun is short and lightweight, with a butt sock that’s adjustable. 


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