10 Fruits Prevent You From Cancer

People are always striving hard to prolong their life. It can be tempting to eat unhealthy foods like for instant ones or those that contain lots of preservatives. If you are used to unhealthy food items, you will be prone to unhealthy conditions. The nutrient needs of a person will vary with age, and you have to make sure that you get enough for a healthier body. For a strong immune system, you should focus on a healthy diet. Here are fruits that are not only healthy and delectable but also prevent and fight cancer.

10. Raspberry (Rubus idaeus,Rubus occidentalis)

Raspberry consists of many vitamins, minerals, including Anthocyanin which is also an antioxidant, and protects versus some cancers including esophageal and colon.
Finally, some other fruits to mention are the citrus fruits that make up the orange family. These include oranges, lemons, grapefruit and mandarin oranges. The orange family contains not only polyphenols like the berries discussed above but also terpenes. The phytochemical compounds found in citrus fruits seem to reduce the risk of developing digestive tract cancers. People taking prescription drugs, especially statins, have to avoid grapefruit as it doubles the amount of medication in the bloodstream and increases the side effects. Citrus fruits are excellent sources of vitamins and minerals but also phytochemicals that are required in a cancer prevention diet.
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