Top 10 Best Home Remedies for Weight Loss

Decreasing the weight of an individual by eliminating the fat deposits is called as weight loss. Those who are overweight have to look for different home remedies for weight loss to decrease the danger of causing different types of health conditions associated to obesity such as hypertension, diabetes etc. There are also some alarming amount of people suffering from this problem and who need to make weight loss. For large number of people diets will not be effective , they can look for home remedies for weight loss to restrict their weight.

10. Apple cider vinegar:
One of the best home remedies to assist an individual lose weight is apple cider vinegar. It assists in eliminating extra fat from the body. Include two spoons of apple cider vinegar in water, mix it. Drink this liquid three times a day to view notable results. This is the most tried home remedies for weight by many people.



9. Avoid taking fried items and snacks:

It is also essential for you to eliminate fried items from the diet if you contain any desire of reducing weight. Ensure that you do not add fried meat, fried chicken, fried rice or other fried items in the everyday diet. If you fully remove fried items and snacks in your daily diet, you can see outstanding changes in the weight within one or two months. Try this method you will see a great difference.

8. Carrot juice:
This juice is best in decreasing fat from the body. Take few fresh carrots and peel off. Put them in a juice blender and take the juice. Take a glass of carrot juice daily in the morning. You can even add carrots in the salad mixture or take raw carrot or you can also consider it to take it steal cooked with some vegetables daily to view a tremendous weight loss effect.



7. Jujube leaves:

Jujube is filled with huge amount of nutrients such as phosphorus, calcium and iron. It is very rich in vitamin B2, A and C. Soak some jujube leaves in a bowl with water overnight. Drain the water and take it daily in the morning prior getting the breakfast. You will view good results of weight loss on regular in taking of jujube leaves water.

6. Taking boiled or steamed food:

It would be good for you to consume boiled food or steam cooked items to avoid the danger of including on the weight. Ensure that you steam cooks the veggies and do not fry those veggies while you are preparing. You can even take boiled chicken or fish daily, however ensure that you must not take fried fish or chicken in your diet.

5. Olive oil:

One of the effective oils which you can consider of changing to if you think that you want to lose weight is olive oil. Olive oil is loaded with monounsaturated fats that will assist in decreasing the LDL cholesterol and enhancing the HDH cholesterol in the body. Taking daily one of two spoons of olive oil will not do any harm to the body when you compare butter and vegetable oils.



4. Parsley:
It is one of the leafy vegetables which is filled with antioxidants and contains luteolin that assists in eliminating free radicals in the body. Ensure that you include the parsley in the diet in salads or like a food flavour to enhance the body metabolism. You can take boiling water which has parsley soaked it it. Extract the juice and take this juice once in twice to check the best weight loss effects.


3. Black pepper powder and lemon juice:
Take one glass of hot water; include four spoons of lemon juice and one spoon of honey. Combine this perfectly. Include one spoon of crushed black pepper and mix. Take this daily in the morning and see a great difference in your weight loss travel. It is one of the methods to reduce your weight in the body. Pepper powder and lemon juice offers amazing results for your weight loss travel.


2. Honey with water:
One of the best methods to decrease your fat is to take honey in water. Include on spoon of honey in lukewarm water. Take this immediately after you wake up. You can even include a lemon juice to this water and honey mixture. Both honey and water in combination provides a good weight loss results.



1. Cabbage:
It is one of the veggies which is popular to remove your body fat effectively. It is good to take raw cabbage daily to see a good results.


There are number of methods available to lose your weight. The only important things which is needed is your motivation and commitment to lose your weight.


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