Top 10 Foods To Avoid for Arthritis

Unlike most diets, an arthritis diet plan is not so much about what you eat, as it is about what you should avoid. Avoiding foods which cause or increase inflammation is basically all you need to do to reduce the effects of arthritis on your affected limbs. Although there are certain foods which have anti-arthritic effects, their effects tend to vary and are generally not as effective as practical prevention. So if you want to reduce arthritis in your body then what you need to do is to control your diet, and here are several foods that will help you do it.


At the top of the list is sugar. Pastries, sodas, candy and even natural fruit juices can cause arthritis. This is mainly because sugar contains a large amount of inflammatory messengers known as cytokines, which triggers inflammation in almost every part of the body. Fortunately, sugar is relatively easy detect. If a particular ingredient has an "ose" at the end of it then it has sugar, and will likely cause problems with your arthritis.
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