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It's often said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but how many of us eat a healthy breakfast every morning? Most of us either opt for sugar, fat and preservative-loaded breakfast foods or don't even eat breakfast, starting the day with just a highly caffeinated beverage. Preparing a healthy meal can be less time-consuming than you believe. Here are some simple, quick and healthy suggestions to get your day started right.

You have plenty of ways to get a healthy breakfast each day, and it doesn't always have to be your mom's breakfast of cold sugary cereal, fried eggs, and bacon.

Healthy breakfast ideas to get you going in the morning:


A whole-wheat pita stuffed with organic scrambled or hard-boiled eggs, organic sliced tomatoes.
Organic egg omelet with chopped vegetables, fruit and 100% whole wheat toast.
Breakfast sandwich with 100% whole grain bread sliced and an organic hard-boiled egg.


Cooked oatmeal, steel cut oats or multigrain cereal topped with almonds or dried cranberries.
Whole grain high fiber (at least 8 grams) cold cereal.


A whole wheat tortilla filled with vegetables, salsa.
Vegetable smoothies - blended romaine lettuce, kale, spinach, banana, flax seeds and protein powder.
Carrot, celery, cucumber sticks and yogurt.
Celery sticks, peanut nut butter, and raisins.


Yogurt with chopped fruit, nuts and raisins.
Fruit smoothies - blended from fresh fruit, some low-fat yogurt and a spoonful of wheat germ and protein powder.
Trail Mix of nuts and dried fruit.
Sliced apple and almond nut butter.

6.Pancakes - Waffles

Multigrain pancakes with fruit and yogurt.
Buckwheat pancakes with pecans.
A whole-grain waffle with peanut butter.

5.Bagels - Toast - Crackers

Whole-wheat crackers, bagels or 100% whole wheat bread with peanut butter or almond nut butter add a banana or apple.
A whole-wheat vegetarian sandwich on a bagel with hummus, fresh spinach, romaine lettuce, tomato, cucumber.

4.Cheese or Yogurt with Fruit

Fresh fruit, particularly when it's in the season, is tasty when paired with some form of dairy product. Cottage cheese or low-fat yogurt are good low-calorie alternatives, but if you don't care about the calories, any cheese is good. Fruit can be prepared the night before or canned, frozen or even dried fruit can be used, although fresh is always best for taste and health benefits.

3.Breakfast Parfait

Alternately layer yogurt, fruit, and granola in a bowl or glass. Almost any type of fruit can be used, but it's best to use plain yogurt. If you don't have granola, a breakfast cereal can be utilized.

2.Breakfast Shake or Smoothie

You can exercise your creativity here. Any flavor of yogurt or ice cream can be used as a base. Add a couple of tablespoons of milk or fruit juice. Blend in flavored milk powders or protein powders and fresh, frozen or canned fruit.

1.Microwave Omelette

You can make an easy omelet in the microwave in just a few minutes. Whip up eggs and milk as for any other omelet using a microwave safe bowl. Filling for your omelet can be cooked or raw veggies, cooked meat, seafood or lunchmeat, spices and soft cheeses. Cook eggs on high for about 1 to 1 and 1/2 minutes or until eggs are soft-cooked but still runny. Stir and add filling. Microwave until eggs are almost solid. Sprinkle cheese on top. Microwave til cheese is melted and enjoy, with whole-grain toast.

What should you have a healthy breakfast?

Breakfast is the most important one of the meals we consume through the day. It is the first meal we have to break the long hours of fasting since previous night's dinner. Nutritionists advise that one should not miss their breakfast as it leads to unwanted weight gain. It has also been said that breakfast should be the heaviest meal of the day as we will gain energy to work through the day.

Earlier breakfast meant consuming parathas, puris and other fatty alternatives. However, with an increase in diseases like diabetes, high cholesterol, and gastric pains, more people are switching to fat-free options for it. South Indian snacks such as Idli and Upma are becoming more popular as breakfast options because they are easy to make and are low in oil and fat content. The number of healthy breakfast recipes available online has gone up manifold, and more individuals are willing to give them a try.

Those who don't want to light up the kitchen fire first thing in the morning, opt for alternatives like cornflakes and milk and muesli even. They are readily available nowadays and provide all the nutrition that one needs to stay healthy and fit. These cereals take a long time to be digested hence reduce the need for snacking before lunch. As a matter of fact, these grains can be had as healthy snacks even when you feel like munching on something.

A lot of people are substituting brown bread for white and experimenting with table spreads like margarine rather than go for the conventional dairy products. They provide the same amount of energy and smooth and creamy taste while keeping the fat content low. Fruits too have become an integral part of the diet as nutritionists recommend consumption of at least one seasonal fruit.

Along with healthy breakfast, the type of snacks that people have in between meals has also changed. From munching on highly calorific cutlets, pagodas and chips, more people opt for fruits, puffed rice or even baked goodies. Combined with exercise, healthy eating can work wonders on your body.

If you are wondering how to get healthy without giving up your favorite dairy rich breakfast, then you can always opt for table spreads like Nutrilite. They taste just as creamy and yummy and keep away the harmful effects of consuming dairy. You can continue to enjoy your favorite breakfasts without risking the health of your heart and body.


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