Why Is EXO So Popular?

EXO is like putting 12 Justin Beibers in one room, and giving them the Twilight ability to transform into wolves. Instant fame! Not satisfied? How about adding the ability to harmonize like Boyz II Men, and suave, sexy moves like Justin Timberlake? Yeah, now you get it...Of course they don't really transform into wolves, but you might think differently if you have seen their popular hit video 'Wolf'!
EXO has landed within the top 3 bands in K-Pop today. They bring a very unique mixture of hip-hop, rock, R&B, and rap to the scene unlike anything seen before. It wasn't until the summer of 2013 that they finally dropped their first full album! Regardless of their extra large groups, or the fact that they had not put out any full album releases, EXO has been a hot commodity around social media networks across the nation!

Who are they and where the hell did they come from?
EXO is short for exoplanet. Exoplant is just another word for a planet outside of our solar system, which is where EXO is from. (Get it? Intergalactic super stars!) They are out of this world! EXO is actually based out of Korea, but they are split into two different sub-groups: The Korean team, EXO-K, and the Chinese-Mandarin team, EXO-M. Their first hit single, 'MAMA' filmed a 2 minute intro, which spun a mythological belief wherein EXO-K and EXO-M each formed a half of the roots of the tree of life. Their video implies that the tree has been split in two, and turned into not one, but two, sensational superhuman sub-groups (Groupies included)! Kind of like if there were 12 Justin Beibers, and they all had on the same outfit, dancing around, like little sexy aliens...
The two groups are each made of six members, lets meet the handsome EXO gods themselves:
EXO-K members include: The sexy SeHun, the dance machine Kai, Kyungs, ChanYeollie, the water bending guardian SuHo, and the Fanboy BaekHyun.
EXO-M members include: The healing unicorn Yixing, the bitch faced dragon Kris, the meat bun XiuMin, the master of Gucci Tao Wushu, the lost in translation Chen, and Marilyn Monroe, who is also the youngest member, LuHan.

If you haven't seen their video, 'Growl', check it out. In this video, each member of EXO has their own personal fame-time in front of the camera. It kind of gives you a small dose of what each member is like, and who they are individually, which doesn't happen much in boy bands, especially when there are so freaking many of them! You don't even see them all together until close to the end of the video, when they all dance together, harmonizing like beautiful mythical creatures...It makes figuring out who they are, and why they are there much easier to digest, especially for those trying to figure out the whole EXO k-pop obsession to begin with!
In the their other hugely popular music-drama video, 'Wolf', the boys are back. This video shows a dramatic comic-like story line of a pretty basic 'werewolf' scenario. It's oddly a great 'film', possibly opening the boys future to a promising acting career? Possibly? Anyway, Kris, who plays the 'lead' werewolf, opens this video, by standing in an alley, and giving a dramatic look to Luhan, the first you see with powers. As Kris rests his arm on Luhans shoulder, a symbol glows bright through the night. Luhan turns to leave...I could give you the rest of it, but I won't ruin it for you! If you want to know what happens next, just look it up and check it out!

Why are they so popular?
Well, I don't care who you are, if you put 12 handsome and talented boys on stage, they are going to be a hit. They aren't much different from many other beloved boy bands in the sense that they are actually really good, each of them has a significant and unique talent which they bring to the group, there are a lot of them, the teenage girls dream. Any fan-girl could easily choose her ideal type and fall in fandom-love! They are all handsome, and young, just like most k-pop fans.
EXO's fanbase, unofficially, is called Exotic. Pretty catchy, huh? These fans are absolutely bat-shit crazy. There is nothing they won't do to prove their worthiness of these EXO boys. They will stay up all hours of the night to watch a live-streamed interview, or spend hours translating for their Tumblr dashboards...
Once you go Exotic, there is no looking back! Word is, there is no cure known for this disease. The only meds that can sooth the symptoms of Exotic are over-playing their songs, re-blogging their photo shoots, spazzing like a lunatic, and writing stories, love stories, completely fictional, of course.


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