10 Most Handsome and Popular Korean Actors in 2014

Korean actors are without doubt handsome. Look around, women across the globe ogle at their pictures and most of them would do anything not to miss a movie featuring Korean actors. The number of females and other enthusiastic fans liking their Facebook accounts and following them on Twitter is massive.
Below is a comprehensive look at the 10 most handsome and popular Korean actors in 2014:

10. Yong Jung Hwa

The Korean drama “You’re Beautiful” which hit Television screens in 2009 is Jung’s main claim to fame. So successful was the drama that it's rendition titled “He is Beautiful” was aired in Indonesia in July 2011. Since then, it has been a roller-coaster ride for this 25 year old who hails from Seoul, South Korea. Apart from acting, he is also the leader of the famed CN Blue band.

9. Lee Joon-gi

Born in 1983, Lee doubles up as an actor, singer and a model. After acting in the movie "The King of the Clown", his popularity increased not only in South Korea but on the international scene as well. His handsome looks earned him a role as South Korean's tourism ambassador tasked with the duty of marketing his country’s beauty to the international world.

8. Kim Hyun Joong

A native of Seoul and one of the most handsome Korean actors, Kim was born in 1986. His major breakthrough came when he featured in the movie “Boys Before Flower”. Since then he has acted in various dramas, the most notable being his performance in the 2013 TV drama series “Playful Kiss”. Kim is certainly a star to watch in 2014.

7. Taecyeon

Born in Busan, South Korea in 1988, Taecyeon is incredibly handsome. Towering 183 cm in height he has starred in a number of movies the most popular being “Cinderella Step Sister” where he acts as basketball player going by the name of Jungwoo. He had a brief modelling career in the United States and he raps in a Korean Boy-band known as 2PM.

6. Song Seung Hun

Hun was born 36 years ago and modeled for the popular jeans brand “Storm” in 1995. His maiden appearance on the silver screens came when he acted in the movie “Calla” where he co-starred Kim Hee- sun. One of the most popular and successful Korean actors, Hun has also acted in other popular dramas such as “Endless Love and “My Princess” and has managed to stay relevant in the Koren film industry despite the invasion by younger actors.

5. Kim Bum

Kim has found his way in to many women’s hearts through his hearty smile. Not only is he a handsome actor but also one of the richest as well. The 5’11 tall actor has featured in 5 movies and 13 TV dramas and has 2 music albums to his belt. His role in “Boys Over Flowers” showed that he is ripe for the international market and it’s only a matter of time before he hits the corridors of Hollywood.

4. Choi Siwon

Although his official identification documents read that he was born in 1987, his actual birth date is 1986 and was among the first Korean actors to feature in the Chinese postal stamps. That Choi is popular cannot be overstated given that he has more the 3 million followers on Twitter. Apart from his role in dramas such as “Oh My Lady” and “Athena” he also performed on Super Junior shows.

3. Rain

Born in Seoul, South Korea in 1982 Rain is a successful singer, dancer and actor. His role in the movie “Ninja Assassin” made Rain whose real name is Jung Ji- Hoon one of the most popular actors in Korea and across the globe as well. He is not only an actor but a producer as well. “Fugitive”, his latest project has already started sending shock waves on the international arena is being aired in a number of countries.

2. Lee Min Hoo

At 23 years of age, Min Hoo is not only handsome but talented as well. His biggest success came when played the leading role in the movie “Boys Over Flowers. He has won a couple of awards since 2009 in Asia and in the international arena too. His latest success stories include “City Hunter and the “Heir” which he acted last year.

1. Hyun Bin

Call him “Mr. Handsome” if you may. Hyun is one the most handsome actors in Korea. Since his role in the TV series “Bodyguard” in 2003 his popularity has been on the rise and today he sits pretty as one of the most popular actors in the whole of Korea. He has also played leading roles in “My Name is Kim Sam-soon and “Secrete Garden.

The rise of the Korean film industry in the recent past has been attributed to the incredibly talented and handsome actors. With so many upcoming actors, you can only imagine how many “cuties” are yet to hit the screens.


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