10 Tips on How to Woo a Girl

Are you completely head over heels over a girl and looking for ways to make her fall for you? Wooing a girl and finding a way to her heart does not involve rocket science; it is all about adopting a smart and consistent approach. While the art of wooing comes naturally to some guys, other may need to work on their skills and stick to some famous tried and tested methods. This 10-point approach on how to woo a girl can help you make a start in the right direction: 

Do not Rush In
Yes, that girl may be all that you can think about and it may be torturous to not know if she feels the same way, but rushing into things can do more harm than good. The first step to a right start is to warm up to her, and allow her to warm up toward you before you lay bare your intentions. 

Make Time for Her
It is important to let her know that she is important to you, and there is no better way to do so than by taking time out from your routine to be by her side. Do not the play the hard to get’ card unless you are a hundred percent sure that the girl of your dreams is equally attracted to you. 

Use Your Charm
Genuine compliments and small acts of chivalry never fail to impress a girl, no matter how independent or modern she is. Certainly, there would be a lot of things you like about your girl, so go ahead and say them out loud. Making a girl blush over your compliments or bringing a smile to her face with your acts of chivalry is a clear sign that you are headed in the direction of making her fall for you. 

Occupy Her Thoughts
Though you cannot be by her side at all times, make sure your thoughts make up for your physical absence. The more a girl thinks about you, the more likely she is to fall for you. Small gestures like texting her late into the night or sending a good morning’ text every morning will help you achieve that end; before you know, she will start expecting these messages and even miss them on days you do not send one. 

Be Her Mr Dependable
In order to win over a girl’s heart, you need to become her go to’ person in times of need. She should turn to you for protection or comfort whenever she feels vulnerable or exposed to emotional turmoil. Invoking a sense of confidence where she does not feel any inhibitions in sharing her fear or anxieties with you helps in building a strong foundation for an impending relationship. 

Do not get stuck in the Friends’ Zone
There is a very fine line between being Mr. Dependable and turning into a shoulder to cry on, the latter will certainly cast a doom on your aspirations to woo a girl and dump you in the friends’ zone for good. Therefore, it is important to develop a spark, so that she is not only emotionally bonded but also sexually drawn to you. 

Talk Your Heart Out
Believe it or not, women like men who have an emotional side to them and are not afraid to talk about their sentiments. However, you do not want to come across as too emotionally overwhelming or a sissy. Whenever you are together, talk to her about your past life, dreams and aspirations to give her a glimpse of the real you. 

Flirt, Flirt, Flirt
Remember, the ultimate goal is to win over this girl’s heart and make her fall for you. There is no better way to grab and hold a girl’s attention than to tease and flirt with her from time to time. The aim is to make her have a good time whenever she is with you, so that she will look forward to meeting you over and over again. 

Be Around Her
Make yourself visible. If you go into hiding or are not seen at places that she frequents; she will not see enough of you. Be around her, without making your presence too obvious. Share the same interests and you will have a lot to talk about. 

Pop the Question
Once you are confident of having struck the right bond with her, ask her out on a date. Do not hesitate or linger around for the fear of being turned down, for if you do not ask her out at an opportune moment you might miss the bus altogether. When she agrees to go out with you, plan your date carefully and according to her likes and dislikes. You’d want to bowl her over and fall in love with you, without going overboard.


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