Top 10 Best Worldwide Coffee Company Brands In 2015

When it comes to identifying the op 10 best worldwide coffee company brands in 2015, one finds that the list contains companies from practically every corner of the world. Some companies even grow their coffee at heights of over five thousand feet. If you want the best coffee then experts say that you should buy whole bean coffee because that is the best coffee option.
Of course, you may also be a person who relies on instant coffee. If you want to know more about the best coffee companies then the following list will shed some useful light on the topic.

10. Yuban

Yuban is a coffee company that has sold more than 37 million dollars worth of coffee in the world. This brand happens to belong to the Kraft Foods and its main selling point is that it calls itself a coffee company that is environmentally friendly. This company has a 1.93 percent share of the market.

9. Eight O’ Clock

Eight O’ Clock is another well-known coffee company. It has sold over 38 million dollars worth of its coffee and it also has a 1.98 percent of the coffee market. The Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company when in the year 2003 it was sold by its owners to an investment company previously owned the company. The result was the formation of a company called Eight O’ Clock Coffee Company.

8. Seattle’s Best

Seattle’s Best is a company that has sold about 42.8 million dollars worth of coffee. It not only roasts and distributes coffee but it also has its own stores that sell coffee in North America. This company has a large market share. In fact, it accounts for about 2.21 percent of the coffee market. Since 2003, it has been a subsidiary of Starbucks.

7. Millstone

Millstone is a coffee company that has sold 43.5 million dollars worth of coffee. It also has a large 2.24 percent share of the coffee market and was a private brand until the time when Proctor & Gamble bought it over in 1996.

6. Chock full o’Nuts

Chock Full o’Nuts is a company that has sold about 44.1 million dollars of coffee. This brand had small beginnings when it was only a store in 1932. Since then it has evolved and become the sixth largest coffee brand with a 2.27 percent market share.

5. Maxwell House Master Blend

This is a company that has sold about 77.5 million dollars worth of coffee. It is part of the Kraft Foods family and its market share is about 3.99 percent.

4. Folgers’s Coffeehouse

Folgers’s Coffeehouse has sold 127.9 million dollars worth of coffee. It is part of the Folgers’s brand and it is renowned for selling an excellent gourmet branded coffee. The company has a market share of about 6.59 percent.

3. Starbucks

Starbucks is actually the largest coffeehouse company in the entire world and has sold 189.2 million dollars worth of coffee. As far as a coffee company goes Starbucks is ranked number three in the US. It has a 9.75 percent market share.

2. Maxwell House

Maxwell House has sold 283.7 million dollars worth of coffee. It is the number two company in terms of size and enjoys a market share of about 14.6 percent. The company was established way back in 1892 in a hotel in Nashville Tennessee and its slogan is good to the last drop.

1. Folgers

Folgers is the largest coffee company and it has a market share of about 21. 60 percent. The company enjoys a 21.60 percent market share. For many people, drinking Folgers coffee is the most satisfying experience in the morning.

The above list represents the op 10 best worldwide coffee company brands in 2015. These brands are also the ones that are most advertised on TV. There won’t be a single day when you don’t see an ad on TV or radio that talks about these famous coffee companies. Although we have not tried all these brands we can say with some degree of certainty that these are the best that you can find.
There may be other brands that are equally good but they have not made it to this list because there is insufficient information about them and also because they do not publicize themselves in the press. Also, coffee companies that are in the business of selling iced coffee in cans or in bottles or which sell instant coffee are not included in this list for obvious reasons.


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