Top 10 List of The Most Famous Cartoons Ever

Cartoons are a favorite for all kids all over the world. During the early stages of life, many people enjoyed watching these animated characters. Cartoons impacted generations by influencing their perception of fantasy and reality and also helped in nurturing creativity. They were invented during the silent movie period and were used as curtain raisers to movies. Their popularity grew immensely when the talkies developed. The popularity of some has declined as audiences grew older while others have maintained their relevance. These ageless cartoons develop around personalities reflective of humans notwithstanding the fact that animals play majority. Most people think cartoons are for children, but that isn't true because there are many with themes suitable for adults. The following list outlines the best all time cartoons comprising long gone series and some still accepted today.

10. The South Park

The south park series has remained very relevant since 1997 to present. It is not appropriate for children because the main character is a peasant and a disobedient child. As a result, it is directed to a more mature audience. The series is designed using a very simple animation style and with that it can blend in topical episodes making it unique of a kind cartoon. The series' most likely communicates assumed side of the social order, in other words, people's thoughts that are not uttered. Its creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone dedicated all they could to make it one of the most outstanding cartoons.

9. The Family Guy

Another amazing animation since 1999 and despite the fact that it was canceled in 2002, it came back again in 2005 and flourished till to date. It remains to be one of the most entertaining shows to its fans including the television academy and in 2009 it was given a rare Emmy nomination for exceptional comedy series. The main character Stewie Griffin is an adorable but impressive baby.

8. SpongeBob SquarePants 

It has existed since 1999 to present. The developer designed it very optimistically with exciting cohorts such as the cheerful starfish, egotistical octopus, and a deep sea diving squirrel. SpongeBob is the self-effacing antidote to today`s distrust. It is a very catchy and entertaining cartoon to watch.

7. Road Runner

A classic cartoon designed with a historic convention theme. RoadRunner the main character is continually hunted by Coyote, who unfortunately Coyote never wins. Coyote utilizes sophisticated and amazing gadgets every time but to no luck end up falling into his trap.

6. Scooby-Doo

An animation comedy that still stands the ground five decades after its production. It wasn't any ones thought that an animated comedy concerning a team of mystic investigators would still be getting new fans during this period. It is composed of four varied humans and one usually weak and always hungry mongrel.

5. Tom and Jerry

It was developed by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera in the 1940s and has remained the greatest television show of all time. The animation develops on a rivalry between its two celebrated characters Tom the cat always chasing Jerry, the mouse. The series has influenced a great number of other cartoon series, and several movies have also been released on the same apart from the series.

4. The Mickey Mouse

One of the oldest cartons and remains a hit since its first release in 1928. As a matter of fact, Mickey Mouse is the only cartoon star to be included on the Hollywood walk of fame. It is a very interesting and entertaining cartoon that was produced by Walt Disney.

3. The Flintstones

A prehistoric comedy from animation superstars William Hanna and Joseph Barbera, who showed that cartoons could prosper in primetime. It is a preferred family cartoon that portrays the life of a married man during the Stone Age period. The creativity used is fantastic as we have foot driven cars, and dinosaurs used as pulleys.

2. Looney Tunes

Since 1960, Looney Tunes has remained top cartoon with a broadcast of cherished characters. It is one of the biggest cartoon series produced by the Warner Bros Company. Bug Bunny, who is the main character, has a very notorious and a mischievous character that makes him a preference for many generations to come.

1. The Simpsons

Simpsons was the first cartoon to be on Television with adult content. Its main character Homer Simpson gets caught up in distressing situations severally. The cartoon exhibits modern life and goes to the extent of showcasing even the explicit characteristic. With over 500 episodes full of cheeky humor and clear social attire, Simpson remains to be the TV`s longest running scripted prime-time series.
The above list depicts the top ten most famous cartoons that have existed since their introduction. The ones in the list are a favorite to many generations and are still relevant even to date.


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