Top 10 Richest Bloggers Of 2015

Do you know that you can make money online? One of the best ways to become the next millionaire in town is blogging. With the increased popularity of blogging, over one million blogs are created daily. Many people have decided to become bloggers because of the high profits realized from this same field. This is evident from the increased of wealthy individuals who made their fortune from blogging. Today, we have brought you a list of the top ten richest bloggers and their net worth.

10) Ewdison Then

At position ten of our richest bloggers we have Ewdison Then. Ewdison makes $ 60000-$80000 per month for blogging. He is the founder R3 Media LLC, a media company that manages Slash gear and Android networking community. His great knowledge in computing as well as application development is among the factors that have contributed toward his successful career. He makes most of his blogging income from pay per click advertising. You can visit to find more about him.

9) Matt Marshall

Matt Marshall generates $ 50,000-$100000 per month. Matt decided to quit his job as a journalist to work as blogger. In September 2006, he launched VentureBeat after he noted no one had taken interest in technology news and entrepreneurial innovation. His blog covers a wide range of topics on entrepreneurship and technology.

8) Gina Trapani

Gina Trapani is the only woman featured on this list. Gina makes around $ 110, 000 per month, thanks to her blogging skills. She is also the founder and CEO of Life hacker. He blog talks about life hacks and software among other concepts. In addition to blogging, Gina is among the most active entrepreneurs on social media. Now, she is leading a team of other entrepreneurs to develop Thinkup, a social platform.

7) Collis Ta’eed

Collis Ta’eed is one of the co-founders of Envato, an organization that runs a group of about eight market places online. He makes around $ 55,000-$ 120000 from In addition, he owns TutsPlus site that offers courses and tutorials online. You can visit the site to learn more about development, design, music, video, photography and other courses.

6) Jake Dobkin

Have you ever visited Well, Jake Dobkin is the creator of this site. As a blogger, Jake makes $ 80000-$ 110000 per month. His website offers information to do with events, foods as well as art among others. In case you have plans of taking a trip this summer, visit this website for more information as well as tips on how to about the same without any hassle.

5) Timothy Sykes

Timothy is an American entrepreneur who makes $ 150000- $180,000 monthly for blogging. Timothy makes over $2 from the stock market. Furthermore, he has trained hundreds of other people with the desire to become rich. Many people know him for using bar money to generate over $ 1million when he was pursuing his education at Tulane University. To find out how he made his fortune in life, simply visit after reading this article.

4) Vitaly Friedman

The founder of Smashing Magazine makes $ 150,000 -$190,000 per month. His blog offers tips on web designing and practices. The high quality tutorials and tips found on his blog have assisted many people to reach their dreams in life.

3) Perez Hilton

Perez Hilton born Mario Armando Lavenderia Jr is an American born television personality, blogger and columnist. The wealthy and self made blogger makes $200,000-$400000 monthly. His blog contains information to do with celebrity news and scandals among others.

2)  Pete Cashmore

Cashmore is the founder as well as CEO of Mashable, a digital media site. The site covers a wide range of areas including business and lifestyle. Pete makes about $560,000-$600,000 per month. He began the site www, at the age of 19 years while in Scotland.

1) Michael Arrington

Topping our list of the richest bloggers in 2015 is Michael Arrington who makes $ 500,000-$800,000. As you spend sleepless nights wondering how to make a millions within ten years, Arrington only requires a month and a few days to add another million to his account. He is the founder and CEO of TechCrunch, which is a technology blog. To get the latest technology news you can check with his blog

In conclusion, blogging is among the most reliable and effective methods that you can use to make more wealth. If you have been looking for an extra source of income, you can consider blogging. In fact, with millions made from blogging, you might not regret quitting your job to become a full time blogger as we have seen with some of the people on our list.


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