Top 6 Countries At Asia Which Have Many Football Fans In 2015

Football is arguably the most popular sports in the world. This is regarding the fans and the participants. Some of the leading countries that are well-known for football include England, Italy, France, and Spain. Europe is the continent with the most participants in professional football. On the contrary, Asia is a continent that is well known for the die-hard fans of football. Surprisingly, most of the countries in Asia support the foreign clubs and matches. They are known to be passionate supporters of their national teams, and this has been seen in the recent campaign in the 2018 World Cup Qualifiers. They also support the UEFA Champions league. All in all, most of the Asians have a great love for the foreign football competition. So which countries are known to host most football fans?

6. Iran 

Iran has been one of the leading Asian countries that perform well in the professional football. Even though not most of the Iranians are active in the leading football clubs in Europe, they have a huge fan base. The national team’s home ground is the Azadi stadium, and they have hosted two games this year. The average attendance of the two games is about 23,510. The highest attendance was 35,800, when Iran hosted Turkmenistan, and they won 3-1 on the 12th of November.

5. China 

They are not only known for their technological expertise, but the Chinese are also one of the lethal teams in Asia. This year, the national team uses the Workers’ Stadium as their home ground. The average attendance of the two games is about 26, 765. Nonetheless, the highest attendance was when the home team hosted Bhutan on November 12th, where they won 12-0. China is currently the team with the highest scores in a single match.

4. Korea DPR

North Korea is another Asian country that is know to have a lot of fans. Football is one of the most supported games in Korea DPR. They already have hosted four home games this year, at the Kim Il-sung Stadium. The stadium has had an average fan attendance of 42,250, with the highest attendance at 45,000. This was when Korea DPR hosted Yemen on the 17th of November and they won 2-0.

3. Thailand 

To the rest of the world, Thailand is not as active as such, but in Asia, it is among the leading countries with the highest fan base. It is also a participant of the 2018 World Cup Qualifiers, and the locals have shown their great support for their home team. They have hosted three games this year at their home ground, the Rajamangala Stadium. Out of the three games, the average attendance is 44,960. The highest attendance was 50,000, on the 12th of November 2015. This was when Thailand won 4-2 against Chinese Taipei.

2. Cambodia

It is almost unknown to other people around the world, but the Cambodian fans are among the best in the whole of Asia. Their official home ground is the Phnom Penh Olympic Stadium. At the stadium, they have already hosted four games this year. They have an amazing average attendance of 45,717, with the highest standing at 63,000. The highest attendance was when the home team faced Singapore on the 11th of June 2015. Unfortunately, they lost 4-0 to the visiting team. The football passion and spirit of Cambodians is always evident when there is an international football match in Phnom Penh olympic stadium.

1. Japan 

Japan is supposedly the leading country in Asia in football. Not only does it have the highest fan base, but it also produces some of the finest players. Some of the Japan players that play in Europe include Shinji Kagawa playing for Borussia Dortmund, Atsuto Uchida for Shalke, among others. They have already hosted two games at their home ground, National Olympic Stadium. They boast of an average fan attendance of 56,124, with the highest turnout of 57,533. The highest attendance was on the 16th of June, 2015, when the home team hosted Singapore and drew 0-0.

These are the countries that have the most football supporters around Asia. The teams are known to have a great support for their local national team, and it is evident with their amazing turnout. Some teams like Japan, is known to produce top players that are worth millions of Pounds and Euros in Europe. They also have a great support for the foreign leagues like the English Premier League, and the Champions’s League.


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