Top 10 Summer Vacation Destinations

When planning a summer vacation, enjoyment is obviously the most important factor in finding the perfect trip destination. Between school, work, and the extraneous hassle that overwhelms our everyday lives, it is certainly nice to know that a summer vacation is a viable escape option for a few days -- or a little more, if you're lucky enough! But what are the best vacation spots?

The simple fact of the matter is that there is no one great vacation spot, because there are many different but equally amazing spots to vacation at! In addition, while the beach may be the most common and preferred vacation spot, it certainly is not for everyone. Some of you may simply prefer to go hiking or learn about other cultures. There is no one answer! With that being said, let's take a look at the 10 best summer vacation destinations around the world!

10. Cusco, Machu Picchu (Peru)

This is an ideal vacation spot for both avid hikers or those infatuated with ancient history, particularly concerning that of Latin America. One of the most famous attractions in Cusco is the Inca Trail, a 27-mile long stretch that embodies the sanctity and awe of ancient architecture. The convenient campsites are beautiful -- but you will obviously need to rest up for the next day of hiking!

9. Athens (Greece)

Another historically rich vacation spot, Athens (and most of Greece itself) offers a vacation package for several types of clients. They offer traditional Greece plays at the famed Epidaurus theater and historical artifacts for culturally infatuated vacationers, and for those simply looking to relax on the beach, it's difficult to beat the brilliantly blue coastal waters, which are but a few minutes away from Athens.

8. Nassau (The Bahamas)

For those of you simply looking for a paradise of a beach vacation, you've found it. Nassau's waters are so clear and beautiful that in some deep waters, you can even see the sea floor! It also serves as a wonderful itinerary spot for Caribbean cruises, so if you were looking for a cruise and you see Nassau on the itinerary, go ahead and book the trip!

7. Miami (Florida)

Between Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Key West, and even Sarasota (a few hours northwest of Miami), you really can't go wrong with a beach vacation. But among these Florida cities, Miami has the most to offer. Besides the brilliant coastal beaches, the Atlantic Ocean and Biscayne Bay, the Latin American culture offers a unique perspective to traditional U.S. vacation spots. If you are looking to party on a night out, don't underestimate the famous South Beach night life either!

6. Hamilton (Bermuda)

As the capital of Bermuda, Hamilton is considered to be the most "famous" vacation spot in Bermuda. But no matter where in the island you plan to vacation, you will discover the same crystal clear waters and unique island transport. As a Caribbean island, they also offer delicious seafood, and many restaurants are well-known for their delicious fried fish sandwiches.

5. Cape Cod (Massachusetts)

Once considered the most popular tourist destination in the world (in the 1950s and 60s), Cape Cod has seen a steep decline in tourism. However, that does nothing to take away from the beauty of the eastern part of Massachusetts. Cape Cod is known for their numerous beaches along the Atlantic Ocean, and for their delicious seafood -- you would be amazed how many restaurants there serve unbelievably good dishes like lobster, fried clams, and scallops!

4. Sedona (Arizona)

This Arizona city is known for its geographical intrigue and cultural depth, as many Native Americans lived in the area. Collect ancient artifacts, go hiking, or try the unique, desert-inspired cuisine - no matter what you decide to do there, you'll no doubt have a wonderful time!

3. Cancun (Mexico)

Located in the famous Yucatan, Cancun has quickly become a popular beach vacation spot. It's also somewhat like Mexico's version of Miami, as they are also incredibly famous for their massive luxury hotels, shopping venues, and popular clubs and restaurants.

2. Suva (Fiji Islands)

There isn't much significance to Suva other than the fact that it serves as Fiji's capital. However, it is just as beautiful and relaxing as any other spot in the islands. It is a great place for underwater exploring as well, as evidenced by the coral reefs and beautiful aquatic life there in the South Pacific.

1. Hawaii

You will likely notice that this is the one destination on the list that does not have a specific city associated with it. This is because every one of Hawaii's islands and cities is unique yet equally impressive! Whether you want to surf, hike, take a plane ride, shop, have a romantic vacation at one of their massive hotels, or just lay on the beach, it is absolutely doable just about anywhere in Hawaii!

Overall, this top 10 summer vacation list has something tailored to anyone and everyone. Whether you are looking for a relaxing beach trip, a hiking trip, a romantic experience, a cultural experience, or something in between, you need not look any further than this list!


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