Top 9 Best Iphone 7 Concepts

There are many online rumor and leaks which shows that Apple may dominate the smartphone market in the years to come. The giant company is planning to release the iPhone 7 which is also among the most anticipated gadgets in 2016. After they released the iPhone 6S upgrade in 2015, most tech fans are now waiting to see what the valuable company has planned to release. Below are some of the top 10 best iPhone 7 concepts that make this gadget a great item in the market.

9. An iPhone with different screen sizes

Based on the popularity of the iPhone 6 and the rumors of the iPhone 6S in the year 2015, the iPhone 7 is likely to feature two different screen sizes. Possibly, apple will retain the two screen sizes, but rumors also suggest that Apple is going to cut the headphone jack to allow the development of an iPhone with more room on the side for other components or to make a thinner smartphone. The manufacturer may also add a second speaker in the place of the headphone jack and push its users to a faster connection.

8. Flash Camera

iPhone 7 design may use similar design language to iPhone 6S, but instead, the manufacturer may incorporate a flash camera and eliminate the antenna lines at the back of the iPhone 6s. A leaked photo of the smartphone shows a computer displaying an iPhone like design. The image shows a different camera setup on its upper corner and a change to its antenna lines.

Apple fans should expect to see a great change from what they saw in the iPhone 6s. And possibly a jump from iPhone 7 to iPhone 7 plus. There are rumors that the new phone will have a camera with 12MP sensor which will boost the overall qualities of photos the users will take using the phone.

7. A better phone with greater water and dust resistance

The new phone may also have better water and dust resistance compared with the earlier designs. Apple upgraded this feature unofficially on iPhone 6s and Samsung developed Galaxy S7 which has better dust and water resistance and therefore Apple may try to respond with the iPhone 7.

6. Shinny happy iPhone

The case of the alleged iPhone 7 has a design similar to that of the iPhone 6s but it has no headphone jack. The iPhone silicone case has two speaker openings at the bottom. This lines up with the rumors of a dual speaker phone. On the upper end, the case has a large opening for the camera and this is possibly for the dual camera design. iPhone fans have witnessed a similar design in the iPhone 6s cases. Apple designs the cases in such a manner to create more room for the flash and the camera.

5. An iPhone without a headphone jack

There are higher chances that Apple will not include a headphone jack in the phone. This may push users towards the Bluetooth headphones and to using lightning connection when listening to music. Moreover, Apple may also include a wireless charging system as part of the new design.

4. An iPhone with better performance

iPhone get a new processor each and every year. Possibly, for the iPhone 7, apple will go with an A10 processor even though the name might change by the time this phone gets into the market. The phone may feature 2GB RAM and also deliver longer battery life and better power. The phone may feature an Intel LTE modem and therefore the internet speed may not highly change from that of the iPhone 6s.

3. An iPhone with larger storage

There rumors that Apple is looking for new storage options that are up to 250GB possibly for the upcoming phones. However, it is not clear whether they will jump over the current 16GB, 64GB and the 128GB options. Considering the rumored new camera design, this new storage would be important.

2. The iOS 10

The iPhone 7 will possibly arrive with Ios 10 on board. However, Apple may choose to alter the naming conventions as it tries to reach a milestone. But you should be counting on a newer software fro the iPhone 7.

1. Waterproof phone

Apple had to upgrade the iPhone 6s design with an aim of developing a better water resistance compared to that of iPhone 6. There are also many Apple patents focusing on delivering a phone that will survive in water. This gives us new hopes for the iPhone 7 water resistance.


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