Top 10 Young Beautiful Taiwanese Actresses in 2016

When walking across the streets of Taiwan, one can’t go without noticing the brilliant magazines graced with beautiful Taiwanese women especially in the acting industry. Taiwanese actresses are increasingly becoming the center of attention because of their delicate features, porcelain skins, femininity and their beauty. It will be right to say that Taiwan is a hub of beautiful young actresses currently taking the Asian airwaves by storm. After a careful research and thorough evaluation, we have come up with ten young and most beautiful Taiwanese actresses to watch in 2016.

10. Ili Zheng

Ili Zheng(also know as Zheng Jia Zhen) is among the most beautiful and young actresses in Taiwan who have contributed to making the industry what it is today. She was born in 1993 and popular with the name “Chicken Outlet Sister”. Her acting career kick-started when she participated in a fried chicken chain advertisement wearing skimpy outfits. She has featured in several movies and is always the center of controversy due to radical public comments.
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