Top 9 Richest The Voice Winners

The Voice, NBC channels singing competition show has firmly established itself as one of televisions top completion shows in terms of viewer ratings. There have been 9 successful seasons so far and each of the 9 talented vocalists took home a cash prize of 100,000 $ and a record deal with the Universal Music group on winning the competition. Below are the top 9 richest the voice USA TV show the voice winners.

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9. Jermaine Paul

The Rand B singer won the second season of the Voice. He was supposed to be a legend in the making. He was anticipated to change the genre of R and B. He is still yet to release an album. He has been successful in producing singles with famous artists such as his coach, Blake Shelton, Alicia Keys and Kayne West. His very own single, I believe I can Fly, made it to the number 83 spot on the US billboard top 100. Today he is estimated to be
100,000 dollars in networth.
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