10 Actors Who Died During A Movie Production

Hollywood movie stars are among the most popular celebrities in the world. While these actors get paid huge sums of money, they are sometimes exposed to extremely dangerous situations. Some of the famous actors have died while still filming the movies. One notable figure that died in the recent years is Paul Walker. He died in a car crash during the filming of Furious 7. Here are other actors that have died on set.

10. Paul Mantz
Paul was a well-known aviator that accidentally died during a movie production. Before that, the actor buzzed over a train that carried top officers. At this time, he was trying to display his amazing skills, and he was suspended from the US Army Flight School. He died in 1965 when he was pulling off a stunt in the movie, The Flight of the Phoenix. This was the last movie Paul was doing before retiring. The plane he was flying crashed into a hill and killed the aviator instantly.

9. Martha Mansfield
Martha passed away during the production of The Warrens of Virginia. Her death occurred as she was taking a rest after completing a scene. As she was resting in a car, someone threw a flaming match stick into the car after the stranger lit a cigarette. The match landed on the highly flammable costume of the actress and set her ablaze. She passed away in the hospital the following day.

8. Steve Irwin
This Australian actor is also among the dead actors that passed away during a film production. Steve was known for his amazing skills as an adventurer and an animal advocate. He was best known for his lead role in the Crocodile Hunter. Unfortunately, Steve died in 2006 when he was filming another daring documentary, Ocean’s Deadliest. A stingray stung and killed the actor on the spot.

7. Brandon Lee

Brandon was the son of the legendary martial arts hero, Bruce Lee. Brandon was also a star in many action movies. He was involved in a stunt accident in 1993 while filming The Crow. Unfortunately, the actor was killed by a real bullet, instead of fake bullets that were to be used to shoot him in his role. He died the same day due to severe injuries in his abdomen.

6. Roy Kinnear
Roy Kinnear’s demise was one of the celebrity deaths that shocked many. Roy was one of the famous Three Musketeers. He died while filming The Return of the Three Musketeers. It is believed that this was the last movie of the sequel. Roy fell off a horse’s back and suffered a broken pelvic bone. He passed away the following day.
5. Redd Foxx
Foxx died in 1991 during the filming of the Royal Family. Unfortunately, he died of a severe heart attack. Ironically, years before his death, he pulled a stunt and faked a heart attack on the TV show, Stanford and Son, when he called out his television wife Elizabeth, who was dead according to the script.

4. Tyrone Power
Tyrone is another actor that passed away while filming a movie, Solomon and Sheba. He also suffered a serious heart attack during the set and died as he was being rushed to the hospital. He became popular for starring in Lloyds of London.

3. Jon Erik-Hexum
While filming the movie, Cover Up, Jon died as a result of shooting himself. It wasn’t a suicidal incident, but he was playing the risky and popular game, faux Russian roulette. The filming of the movie had delayed, and that got him bored. As he played the risky game, he ended up shooting his right side of his head and died later on.

2. John Ritter
This was a common American actor known for his role in the ABC Series, 8 Simple Rules for Dating my Teenage Daughter. John collapsed during the filming due to illness. He suffered a torn aorta that was unexplainable. He died the same evening and had David Spade as his replacement in the series.

1. Vic Morrow
He was one of the popular Hollywood actors, known for his role in Twilight Zone: The Movie. Vic died in 1982 following a helicopter explosion. He was in the chopper along with two young actors. The director of the movie suggested the combination of pyrotechnics and the helicopter in the filming. When the movie was on set, the pyrotechnics went into an explosion, and it blew off the tail of the chopper. With a missing tail, the helicopter then crashed and beheaded Vic as the other children were also killed.


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