Top 10 Best Cheap Iphone SE Cases 2016 Reviews

Although iPhone SE is basically an iPhone 5s with the latest Touch ID button, it is still a beautiful thing to look at and even hold. The trouble is, life usually has other plans. Plans involving ravenous puppies, concrete pavements, and several other ill-fated circumstances in which the consequence is a cracked screen or even dented metal back.
Avoid the heartache by just snapping up one of these cases, and get back to worrying about other pressing matters, such as the inevitable rise of the smart toasters.

10. Elago SE Slimfit Case for the iPhone SE
Do you want a very cheap case? This slim option will not add a lot of bulk to this petite phone, and it will not take a huge bite out of your paycheck, either. Overall, this is a solid choice to consider.
9. Ringke Fusion Case
You can easily avoid hiding the gorgeous design of your iPhone SE with this affordable, transparent case. It features a crystal-clear polycarbonate back panel, combined with the malleable TPU bumper that takes the sting out of any bumps and falls.

There are button covers for the power and volume keys, and you will find accurate cut-outs for the ports, camera, and switch. The basic case is clear, but a few models showcase a tinted bumper that is available in either rose gold or smoke black.
8. Caseology Savoy Series Case
The low price is absolutely a key attraction for this case since it looks extremely classy. The shell is usually made of polycarbonate with the soft touch finish on the outside, the latter component of which assists with grip.

It is fairly slim, and there are cut-outs for your phone’s ports, camera, and buttons. The contrasting gloss finish and the color combinations also assist it to stand out from the crowd. It does not look quite like a good close up as it does from a distance, but it is good value for money.
7. SUPCASE Water Resistant Case With Built-in Screen Protector
Water-resistant and waterproof cases are often hard to find shortly after the new phone has been announced. One choice which is highly recommended from the slim pickings on the market today is the SUPCASE model.

Even though it not waterproof enough to allow submerging, it’s water-resistant enough to offer protection against minor splashes and even drops of water. It also features interchangeable back plates that allow you switch up your look.
6. Case-Mate Barely There case
Slim polycarbonate shell of Case-Mate is just as simple as the case can get. Made from one piece, it provides complete rear protection, with the raised front lip for placing the iPhone SE on the table, screen-down. Also, it is super-slim, making it perfect for even the skinniest of jeans.
5. Apple iPhone SE leather case
Apple’s own case is usually forged from specially tanned and finished European leather, with a soft microfiber lining on the inside for extra care and protection. Available in black or blue, it provides adequate protection without adding a lot of unpleasant bulk. It looks rather smart as well.
4. Incipio Isla Design Series Case
You can easily wrap your iPhone SE in a cool design and protect it at the same time with the Incipio’s Design Series. The Isla has a metallic arrow pattern that is available in an array of various colors, with a translucent shell for extra visibility.

The fit is excellent, and you will find easy access to side switch and ports. There is also a nice opening for the camera, and subtle button covers for the volume and power keys. Additionally, Incipio provides some alternative designs, including a wild rose pattern that is very attractive.
3. 5X-Doria Bump Gear Plus
Dodgy name aside, this compact metal bumper does a rather excellent job of protecting your iPhone SE with no extra heft to it whatsoever.

It will lift your handset’s screen and the back off flat surfaces, protecting them from debris and dust, though it provides minimal drop protection compared to many other cases.
2. Otterbox Defender Series Case
Triple layer protection should be sufficient to keep your iPhone SE very safe and sound, even if you are actually clumsy. The Defender provides extremely solid drop protection, and it covers each angle of your phone with the built-in screen protector and the port covers.

Besides, there are cut-outs on the back; therefore, you can use the camera and continue to show off the Apple logo. The button covers are superb and let you use TouchID with the case on, but actually protective cases like this do affect general usability.
1. Aircharge wireless Qi charging case
And now for something totally different. The Aircharge's solution to iPhone SE protection involves a case that bestows it with Qi-compatible wireless charging powers. Are you aware of that?
It is the real sound of several gloating Android fanboys crying out in anger. This case offers extreme protection to iPhone SE. No dust or debris will affect your device. This is an excellent option, especially if you need to increase the durability of your phone.


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