Top 10 Samsung Galaxy S7 Cases In 2016

The Samsung-Galaxy S7 was recently released along with Galaxy S7 edge, and as people rush to get these amazing phones, they must also ensure that their phone looks visually appealing as long as possible and well protected at all times. Since the release of this phone accessory makers have released incredible protective cases for the new Samsung Galaxy- S7, and if you head at Amazon, you will find plenty of these cases. But you need to get the best, considering that buying this phone is such a huge investment, and you do not want to get something that will hurt its gorgeous and slim look, would you? I have compiled a list of 10 Samsung-Galaxy S7 Case this year.

10. Best tough case: Spigen Slim Armor Air-cushion dual-layer case
If you want a case with military grade protection features, then Spigen Armor should be your best pick. Spigen’s features glossy accents and carbon fiber textures, which gives it a rugged look and feel. Its dual layer design and air cushion technology makes it a pretty darn good case for Galaxy S7. It also comes with a reasonable price. Available at Amazon

9. Best Edge Kickstand Galaxy S7 case: Snugg Samsung-Galaxy S7, walletcase
The Snugg Galaxy S7 wallet-case is one of the most affordable kickstands that allow you to watch and enjoy YouTube videos with ease. One of its notable features is the magnetic closure and several card slots. So, if you are the looking for cheap case with wallet portion, then this should be your ideal pick. Available at Amazon

8. Best wallet case: The LK-Galaxy S7 wallet case
LK is so far the best wallet case available on the market. It has an ample card storage space and comes with varieties of colors such as pink mint and purple. One unusual feature that I am sure will impress you is the camera glare. The LK wallets case doesn’t cause the unwanted effects in flash photography. Available at Amazon

7. Best belt clip case: Evocel Galaxy, S7 Rugged dual-layer case
If you are that kind of person who can’t have a phone in the pocket but rather prefers to have it clipped on to your waist, then Evocel should be your best pick. It comes with built-in waistband belt clip, therefore allowing you to keep your smartphone exactly where you need it to be. It is categorized as a rugged case, but you might need to an extra sturdy case since it doesn’t really meets the military test standards. For its price, its one of the best belt clip case for Galaxy S7. Available at Amazon

6. Best cheap and nakedcase designed for Samsung Galaxy-S7: Bomea Black leather case
If you prefer keeping your phone naked to appreciate its sleek design, then Bomea leather case is a perfect choice. It’s one of the most affordable S7 cases you will find out there and very versatile. You can stick it on your belt and you can or in your pocket. You can also use this case in older Samsung Galaxy versions. Available at Amazon

5. Best slim and minimalist Samsung Galaxy S7 protective case: OBLIQ-slim-Meta S7 case
The dual layer design and brushed metallic finish on OBLIQ makes it among the best case for galaxy S7. OBLIQ features a shock absorbent skin leaving access to all the ports on your phone. The exterior shell is very smooth to touch and adds an air of sophistication to your phone. Available colors include titanium space gray, rose-gold, champagne-gold and satin silver. Available at Amazon

4. Best clear case : Ringke Fus ion crystal clear
For those who prefer keeping their phone protected, yet showing the phone sleek appearance, then Ringke is the perfect fit. This protective case is simple but can handle common drops without having to bulk things up. It's available in all clear versions. Available at Amazon

3. Best cute case : The Tauri studded- rhinestone Protective case
Are you looking for an attractive Galaxy S7 case? Rhinestone studded armor case is designed for Samsung-Galaxy S7 is one of the cutest protective cases you will find on the market today. It’s made from high-quality materials on the inside and hard plastic on the outside; this means that it can handle all kinds of drops. It is available in different colors including teal as well as purple. Available at Amazon

2. Best cool Galaxy-S7 case : Speck products for Galaxy S7 protective-cases
If you are the kind of person who wants to keep your smartPhone protective but as stylish as possible, then you cannot in any way ignore the Speck Products Galaxy S7 protective case. It comes with wide arrays of vibrant designs ranging from transparent to decorated patterns; all tough and highly scratch resistant. Available at Amazon

1. Best handmade case: Hand & Hide Galaxy-S7 wallet case
If you really need a stylish and functional case for your Galaxy S7, then you better head over and get hand and Hide wallet case. This wallet case allows you to access all the function of your S7, without having to use a plastic bumper to hold the phone. It has extra storage space where you can keep some of your credit cards. The best part it’s made of leather, which means that it will age pretty gracefully, and as it ages it even looks much better. It’s available in different colors and not that cheap; you will have to be prepared to spend extra dollars on this one. Available at Amazon


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